11 things to do when you get Windows 11

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Windows 11 is present disposable arsenic an update for users who tin conscionable the prerequisites. To marque the champion of this pending modulation you should person a program of enactment acceptable to go.


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Microsoft volition soon update Windows 10 users to Windows 11, if you person machine hardware and bundle gathering circumstantial prerequisite requirements. While you whitethorn beryllium capable to instrumentality steps to artifact the transition, technically speaking this update is not optional—it volition hap arsenic portion of a normal, scheduled update.

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Since the update to Windows 11 is for each intents and purposes inevitable, it is important to beryllium acceptable for the modulation erstwhile it occurs. While astir of the Windows 11 update volition impact behind-the-scenes information changes, determination are astatine slightest 11 idiosyncratic interface, configuration and exertion changes that warrant an contiguous idiosyncratic absorption and prime of beingness adjustment.

11 things you should bash to Windows 11 erstwhile you get it

1. Change Xbox App settings to not tally connected log in

The archetypal annoying happening I noticed erstwhile Windows 11 booted up was a ample promotional surface asking maine to motion up for a Game Pass utilizing the Xbox app. It whitethorn beryllium antithetic for you, but I never, ever privation the Xbox app to tally connected my laptop. Unfortunately, Microsoft decided that the Xbox app should commencement automatically for each Windows 11 user.

To halt this annoyance, right-click the Xbox app icon successful the taskbar and prime Settings from the discourse menu. Under the General tab, uncheck the due boxes (Figure A) to artifact this app from loading during the log-in process.

Figure A


2. Uninstall unnecessary app stubs

Apparently, Microsoft made respective deals with third-party vendors to see exertion stubs connected the new, revamped Windows 11 Start Menu. There are icons for apps similar Picsart Pro, WhatsApp Line, and Adobe Lightroom, conscionable to sanction a few. Clicking 1 of these icons volition download and instal the app successful question.

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Some Windows 11 users whitethorn privation to springiness 1 oregon much of these apps a look, but for astir users these icons conscionable summation the clutter connected your Start Menu. You tin region them by right-clicking the icon successful question and selecting Uninstall from the discourse menu.

3. Remove unwanted Taskbar clutter apps similar widgets

To compliment the pruning of unneeded applications and app stubs from the Start Menu, you should besides marque immoderate cuts to the taskbar. As you tin spot successful Figure B, the emblematic Windows 11 instal for a idiosyncratic with Microsoft 365 volition see implicit a twelve abstracted icons connected the taskbar.

Figure B


Not each those icons request to beryllium pinned to the taskbar. Widgets for illustration is simply a purely optional exertion for the taskbar. Depending connected however you usage your PC you whitethorn beryllium capable to accidental the aforesaid happening for Messenger. To region those 2 apps, right-click connected a blank portion of the taskbar, prime settings and descent the due buttons to the Off position, arsenic shown successful Figure C.

Figure C


4. Check for updates

Whenever you person a large update from Microsoft you should instrumentality the other measurement of checking for immoderate further updates. There is ever the anticipation that the institution has published an update to the update. A speedy cheque from the Update & Security settings surface is each that is required.

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5. Add missing utile apps

During the installation of Windows 11, Microsoft decided to region a salient exertion from the Start Menu that powerfulness users volition announcement close away—PowerShell. The enactment to easy speech the modular Windows Terminal with PowerShell connected the Start Menu discourse database besides seems to beryllium taken away.

To adhd PowerShell and different apps similar Windows Media Player to the Windows 11 Start Menu, hunt for the exertion sanction and past pin it to the paper oregon to the taskbar. That process volition adhd the exertion icons to the extremity of the Start Menu (Figure D) wherever you tin determination them to much salient positions if you want.

Figure D


6. Check privateness settings

The privacy settings you established successful Windows 10 should person been transferred to Windows 11, however, it would beryllium omniscient to cheque your privateness settings conscionable to marque definite they bespeak your intentions. Those configuration settings are successful Windows Settings.

Some users are comfy sharing their hunt habits and behavioral statistic with Microsoft and others who whitethorn beryllium privy to the information, different users are not comfy with it astatine all.

7. Check activation status

Another presumption mounting that should person survived the modulation from Windows 10 to Windows 11 was the activation presumption of your operating system. However, it is omniscient to corroborate this by checking the Windows 11 System Settings leafage nether the Activation tab, arsenic shown successful Figure E.

Figure E


8. Personalize the idiosyncratic interface

This is simply a substance of idiosyncratic preference, but immoderate of Windows 11's caller UI conventions whitethorn not entreaty to everyone. The assorted methods of personalization successful Windows 11 are acold excessively galore to database here, but determination is 1 UI plan determination that I changed close away.

I don't similar collapsing scrollbars connected the sides of unfastened windows. I ever privation them visible. To alteration those scrollbars, navigate to Accessibility settings and look nether Visual effects, arsenic shown successful Figure F.

Figure F


Personalization besides includes idiosyncratic penchant characteristics similar inheritance images, colors, themes and fonts. To travel the alteration to Windows 11, possibly it is clip to alteration the wide look of your idiosyncratic interface?

9. Check peripheral devices are available

As is the lawsuit with each update to the Windows operating system, it is imaginable entree to 1 of your peripherals did not past the transition. Perhaps you request caller drivers, possibly you conscionable request to reestablish the wireless connection, you won't cognize unless you check.

Users tin cheque the presumption of their peripherals by navigating to the Bluetooth and Devices conception of the Windows 11 Settings app, arsenic shown successful Figure G.

Figure G


10. Check for exertion compatibility

Not lone tin you suffer entree to your peripherals during the update from Windows 10 to Windows 11, but you tin besides suffer compatibility with captious applications. All captious applications should beryllium tested aft the update to guarantee they are moving properly.

For example, I usage Windows 10 PowerToys to remap my keyboard during the footwear process. I americium blessed to study that the Keyboard Manager app works conscionable good nether Windows 11.

11. Check your powerfulness options

As explained successful a erstwhile Windows 10 show tip, I had acceptable my Windows 10 laptop to run nether the Ultimate Power Plan. With the update to Windows 11, the Ultimate Power Plan is again nary longer an option. Therefore, the strategy decided to instrumentality my Power Plan mounting to Balanced.

Since I chiefly usage my laptop erstwhile it is plugged in, I privation it to supply maine with arsenic overmuch show arsenic possible. To get the astir modular show successful Windows 11, navigate to the Power & Battery conception of the System Settings app and alteration the Power mode mounting to Best Performance, arsenic shown successful Figure H.

Figure H


This is besides the settings surface wherever you tin modify erstwhile your PC show turns disconnected to prevention powerfulness and erstwhile your PC volition spell into slumber mode if determination is nary activity. The settings you whitethorn person established for Windows 10 whitethorn not person transferred to Windows 11.

Windows 11 is not disposable to everyone

As mentioned before, the requirements indispensable for an update from Windows 10 to Windows 11 are important and strictly enforced. It is rather imaginable that your perfectly bully Windows 10 PC that is lone a fewer years aged volition not conscionable the criteria. To cognize for sure, cheque the Windows Update surface nether System Settings.

If your Windows 10 PC lacks the indispensable requirements, Microsoft volition explicate wherefore and marque suggestions connected however to execute the missing prerequisites if that is possible. Unfortunately, galore of america are going to find we person computers that bash not, and cannot, conscionable the indispensable standards for Windows 11.

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