12-yo inspires others after tragic loss of mom

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HOLIDAY, Fla. — Addiction affects truthful galore families successful the Tampa Bay area, and seldom bash we get to perceive firsthand from the children near behind.

But a brave 12-year-old sat down with newsman Erik Waxler due to the fact that helium wants to assistance different kids woody with akin tragedies.

Aedan Haggerty wanted what immoderate kid would. He wanted to person his parent successful his life.

"I wanted to spell spot her sometimes, but she wasn't truly successful the close spot to sojourn me," helium said.

As Melissa Cleary struggled with addiction, determination were moments of happiness.

"Actually, for a small while, I was capable to sojourn her immoderate weekends. It was truly fun. It was similar a vacation," Aedan said.

But past year, Aedan mislaid his ma for good.

"I was benignant of angry. Sad. Kind of blessed that I got those moments with her before. It was conscionable a premix of emotions," helium said.


Kevin Haggerty

Aedan's father, Kevin, besides fought addiction successful his younger days, but helium has been successful betterment for 32 years.

He works present to assistance others astatine the Next Level Church successful Holiday.

Ultimately helium couldn't prevention Melissa.

"Especially erstwhile idiosyncratic has been cleanable and sober, you deliberation they would combat back. But it's not astir willpower. You are benignant of successful a abstraction wherever you are hoping for the best. You expect the worst," Kevin said.

But successful the mediate of each this, it's Aedan, inactive conscionable 12 years old, who is uncovering hope.

He is utilizing his symptom to scope different kids by making YouTube videos astir his feelings. He's adjacent going to talk astatine an addiction consciousness event.

"He astir apt knows much astir addiction than a 12-year-old kid should cognize for sure, and that deed location erstwhile his ma passed," Kevin said.

Aedan finds therapy successful making euphony and spending clip connected projects with his dad.

He misses his ma but volition usage her representation to assistance others and amusement them the way.

"Honestly, nary substance the outcome, it's going to beryllium okay. All you tin bash is effort and assistance them and anticipation it gets better," Aedan said.

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