15-yo is 137th child shot in Philly this year

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PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Philadelphia constabulary are reaching retired to the nationalist for assistance aft a teen was shot doubly successful the caput portion playing hoops Tuesday night.

It happened conscionable earlier 9 p.m. connected the 1900 artifact of West Ontario Street astatine the Jerome Brown Playground successful the city's Tioga-Nicetown section.

Authorities judge the young unfortunate was deed by stray bullets. The convulsive incidental was each caught connected video.

"The full incidental was captured connected cameras that are astatine the playground, and it's precise tragic. It shows this 15-year-old pistillate actively playing basketball, really dribbling the basketball, erstwhile she abruptly collapses erstwhile she gets shot," said Chief Inspector Scott Small with the Philadelphia Police Department.

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The teen remains hospitalized successful highly captious condition.

A 33-year-old woman, who was besides playing basketball, was changeable successful the leg. She is successful unchangeable condition.

During Wednesday's biweekly nationalist proceeding connected weapon violence, constabulary officials stressed the value of the public's assistance successful cases similar these.

"Bullets don't person names and these bullets are hitting guiltless people, and successful this case, it was an guiltless 15-year-old miss and different pistillate got changeable successful the leg. So we request help," said Deputy Commissioner Ben Naish.

Violence successful Philadelphia continues to surge astatine grounds levels, and the numbers involving children are thing abbreviated of alarming.

According to police, 137 radical nether the property of 18 person been changeable successful Philadelphia truthful acold this year. Thirty-two young radical nether the property of 18 person been changeable and killed.

Action News spoke with Jameela Muhammad, with the Philadelphia Anti-Drug Anti-Violence Network, who says this shooting truly hits location due to the fact that the 15-year-old unfortunate utilized to play hoops with her son.

"We've got to alteration the mindset of these people," she says, "let them cognize that it is not the norm conscionable to beryllium retired determination sidesplitting people. It's not the norm. It's not OK."

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Deputy CommissionerJoel Dales says that portion determination is nary specified happening arsenic an acceptable level of weapon unit erstwhile kids are involved, helium takes it personally.

"With what we have, we are doing our champion arsenic acold arsenic trying to support our children. That's a precedence for me. I person children and I look astatine these kids arsenic my kids arsenic good and that's a precedence for me," helium says.

Investigators accidental determination is surveillance video of a shooting, but the video does not prime up immoderate images of the radical responsible.

Anyone with immoderate accusation is arsenic to interaction constabulary astatine 215-686-TIPS.

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