2 groups hope to build shelter for asylum seekers

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Two organizations are moving to supply structure for asylum seekers successful Reynosa.

Kaleo International, a religion successful Reynosa, and the Sidewalk School, a nonprofit that provides resources for asylum seekers, are gathering dorms and bathrooms to location families and Black asylum seekers presently surviving astatine the Plaza de la Republica successful Reynosa. 

"We privation to beryllium capable to supply a harmless spot for them to process these large beingness decisions that they person to marque that are successful beforehand of them," said Pastor Joshua Muse of Kaleo International.

The bulk of the astir 2,000 migrants surviving adjacent the Hidalgo-Reynosa span volition beryllium moved to shot fields successful the Aquiles Serdan neighborhood, arsenic Channel 5 News antecedently reported.

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The metropolis and the Sidewalk School are contributing gathering walls for information and bathrooms.

One of the reasons wherefore the Sidewalk School agreed to determination immoderate of the migrants to the Kaleo International religion ranch is due to the fact that it’s conscionable a fewer minutes distant from the shot fields.

"These dormitories volition location astatine slightest 300 asylum seekers and volition person aggregate bathrooms,” said Felicia Rangel-Samponaro, manager of the Sidewalk School.

The operation of a structure astatine the ranch costs $83,000 and volition beryllium paid for by donors.

Muse said it volition beryllium acceptable wrong 3 months.

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