3 key signs of customer experience maturity

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A Zendesk study recovered a bid of commonalities among companies it calls CX champions. Do your organization's CX goals enactment up with those of CX-maturity leaders?


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Zendesk has released its 2021 State of Customer Experience (CX) Maturity Report, with main findings including that CX concern successful the years anterior to the pandemic made companies much resilient to COVID-related hardships. 

The study breaks companies into 4 tiers of lawsuit acquisition maturity: champions, riser, emerging and starters. Along with pandemic resiliency, champions were besides 3.4 times much apt to person grown their lawsuit basal successful the past six months and 3 times much apt than starters to person profitable lawsuit work teams. 

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Interestingly enough, the fig of organizations that autumn into the champion class has much than doubled since 2020, from 6% to 14%. Adam DeMattia, manager of customized probe astatine study spouse Enterprise Research Group, said that forced integer translation during the pandemic led galore companies to recognize lawsuit work excellence tin beryllium a differentiator.

"The findings bespeak that the displacement to integer and distant enactment during the pandemic served arsenic a trigger for companies to accelerate their adoption of caller technologies, policies and processes to payment from a higher CX Maturity," DeMattia said. 

What differentiates CX leaders from the rest

Jeff Titterton, COO astatine Zendesk, said that the probe proves what galore concern leaders already know: "customer acquisition requires continuous concern and innovation to genuinely acceptable [a] concern apart."

Based connected its research, the study singles retired 3 antithetic areas that it said were "key imperatives for CX maturity." Organizations looking for immoderate cardinal strategical points to absorption connected whitethorn privation to see these.

Use information to thrust CX innovation 

Champion-level companies were 7 times much apt to beryllium utilizing lawsuit work information arsenic portion of their CX planning, and those companies were besides 12.7 times much apt to accidental that CX data's interaction connected income occurrence was crippled changing. 

Among North American respondents, 89% said CX innovation was indispensable to support themselves from the competition, and 44% said determination was much they could bash with their lawsuit work data. 

Ergo, usage the information generated from your lawsuit work interactions to program your CX strategy. 

Treat lawsuit interactions similar conversations, not transactions

Ninety-seven percent of respondents said that their lawsuit work teams are shifting toward much conversational interactions with their customers, and with bully reason: Champion-level companies are already doing it.

Champion companies are 3 times much apt to "prioritize delivering conversational lawsuit experiences that tin physique deeper lawsuit relationships," the study said. Many companies are besides reaching retired to customers connected much work channels, with the mean fig of channels successful North America rising from 6.6 to 7 implicit the past year. 

Make CX investments that see employees

Many companies, the study said, started investing much wealth and clip successful turnover reduction, grooming and worker well-being during the pandemic. Champions, successful particular, moved accelerated to marque CX changes that accounted for the comfortableness of their enactment teams.

In the aboriginal stages of the pandemic, 46% of champion-level organizations accrued mobile instrumentality usage for agents, 62% accrued their usage of the nationalist cloud, 56% accrued scheduling flexibility, 56% added caller collaboration tools and 54% expanded their intelligence wellness and worker well-being programs.

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All of that has led champions to person astir 4 times the cause retention rate, and champions are 10.3 times much apt to judge they made the close investments during the pandemic. 

Be definite to cheque retired Zendesk's additional CX maturity strategies

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