A 27-Inch Statue Of Assassin's Creed's Bayek Of Siwa Is Available Now For Nearly $700

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Many of you logged good implicit 100 hours into Assassin's Creed Origins and got to cognize protagonist Bayek of Siwa rather good arsenic helium took connected the Templars successful Ptolemic-era Egypt. Sideshow Collectibles is bringing this fashionable pb backmost successful a high-end statue constricted to conscionable 1,500 units.

This beauteous sculpt shows Bayek seconds aft emerging from the Animus, his eagle acceptable to instrumentality to the skies to survey the land. A melodramatic LED airy show captures his synchronization and could marque an fantabulous accent airy for immoderate crippled room. This polyresin statue stands astatine 27-inches and carries a value of implicit 40 pounds.
Bayek is the latest “Animus” statue from Sideshow, joining Ezio and Altair. As beauteous arsenic these statues are, they transportation a hefty price. Bayek and Altair are conscionable nether $700, and Ezio is somewhat much astatine $750. Altair and Bayek are disposable present astatine Sideshow and GameStop. Ezio volition merchandise betwixt September and November of this year.

Assassin's Creed is 1 of gaming's astir fashionable franchises. We don't cognize what the adjacent Assassin's Creed crippled volition be, but Ubisoft has announced the 2nd twelvemonth of contented for the series' latest entry, Assassin's Creed Odyssey. A caller enlargement called The Siege of Paris is connected the mode sometime this summer, and an acquisition Discovery Tour is slated to merchandise successful the fall. Ubisoft has besides said a caller Assassin's Creed crippled codenamed Infinity is successful the aboriginal stages of development. Leaks suggest this task volition beryllium a live-service crippled that volition turn implicit time.

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