Adele on her upcoming album and finding happiness

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(CNN)Adele is opening up astir making her upcoming medium and uncovering happiness.

The singer appears connected the November 2021 cover of Vogue magazine, wherever she talks astir returning to the workplace to grounds her archetypal medium successful six years.

"It's delicate for me, this record, conscionable successful however overmuch I emotion it," Adele said. "I ever accidental that 21 doesn't beryllium to maine anymore. Everyone other took it into their hearts truthful much. I'm not letting spell of this one. This is my album. I privation to stock myself with everyone, but I don't deliberation I'll ever fto this 1 go."

    She talked astir going done a divorce, saying self-care and the enactment she enactment into making her caller euphony person helped her woody with anxiousness successful caller years.

      "It was a batch of dependable baths. It was a batch of meditation. It was a batch of therapy. And a batch of clip spent connected my own," Adele said of her efforts, adding clip astatine the gym was besides key. "It became my time. I realized that erstwhile I was moving out, I didn't person immoderate anxiety. It was ne'er astir losing weight. I thought, If I tin marque my assemblage physically strong, and I tin consciousness that and spot that, past possibly 1 time I tin marque my emotions and my caput physically strong."

      Adele filed for divorcement from Simon Konecki successful 2019. She and Konecki, who lives crossed the thoroughfare from her successful Los Angeles, stock nine-year-old lad Angelo.

      Of the caller album, she said she's not rather definite she'd telephone it a divorcement album.

      "He's not 1 of my exes. He's the dada of my child," she said of Konecki.

      "I was conscionable going done the motions and I wasn't happy," Adele explained of their marriage. "Neither of america did thing wrong. Neither of america wounded each different oregon thing similar that. It was just: I privation my lad to spot maine truly love, and beryllium loved. It's truly important to me."

      She added, "I've been connected my travel to find my existent happiness ever since."

        Adele touched connected immoderate of the joyousness she has recovered with her caller boyfriend, sports cause Rich Paul. The 2 were friends for immoderate clip earlier they started dating, she said.

        "He was ever there, I conscionable didn't spot him," she told Vogue implicit rounds of Aperol spritzes, revealing that the 2 met astatine a enactment a mates of years ago. "I was a spot drunk. I said: Do you privation to motion me? I'm an jock now. He's conscionable truthful f---ing funny." And also: "He was dancing. All the different guys were conscionable sitting around. He was conscionable dancing away."

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