AI Helps Rule Out Cancer in Women With Dense Breasts

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By Cara Murez
HealthDay Reporter

WEDNESDAY, Oct. 6, 2021 (HealthDay News) -- While mammograms person reduced deaths by detecting bosom cancers erstwhile they're tiny and easier to treat, it's little effectual for women with dense breasts.

However, a caller survey finds that supplemental MRI screening tin marque a quality for these women, who are much apt to make breast cancer. And caller exertion is being utilized to velocity the process.

Artificial quality tin rapidly and accurately sift done MRIs to regularisation retired bosom crab successful the bulk who don't person it -- freeing up radiologists to enactment connected the much analyzable cases, Dutch researchers report.

In the Dense Tissue and Early Breast Neoplasm Screening (DENSE) trial, investigators trained artificial quality exertion to separate betwixt breasts with and without lesions.

"The DENSE proceedings showed that further MRI screening for women with highly dense breasts was beneficial," said pb writer Erik Verburg, of University Medical Center Utrecht successful the Netherlands. "On the different hand, the DENSE proceedings confirmed that the immense bulk of screened women bash not person immoderate suspicious findings connected MRI."

Mammography is little delicate successful women with highly dense breasts than successful women with fattier tissue. Women with highly dense breasts besides person arsenic overmuch arsenic six times the hazard of processing bosom crab compared to women with fatty breasts. Their hazard is doubly that of the mean woman.

The survey analyzed MRIs of astir 9,200 highly dense breasts. Of those, much than 8,300 had nary growths and 838 had astatine slightest one. Of those, 77 were cancerous.

The exemplary flagged 91% of the MRIs with lesions for a radiologist's review. It dismissed astir 40% of the lesion-free MRIs without missing immoderate cancers, according to the study.

The findings were published Oct. 5 successful the diary Radiology.

"We showed that it is imaginable to safely usage artificial quality to disregard bosom screening MRIs without missing immoderate malignant disease," Verburg said successful a diary quality release. "The results were amended than expected. Forty percent is simply a bully start. However, we person inactive 60% to improve."

Verburg said this AI-based strategy has the imaginable to importantly trim radiologists' workload.

"The attack tin archetypal beryllium utilized to assistance radiologists to trim wide speechmaking time," Verburg said. "Consequently, much clip could go disposable to absorption connected the truly analyzable bosom MRI examinations."

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The American Cancer Society has much connected dense breasts.

SOURCE: Radiological Society of North America, quality release, Oct. 5, 2021

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