Alabama neighborhood honors fallen officer

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SELMA, Ala. (WSFA) - One week agone Tuesday morning, we woke up to a horrifying concern successful Selma.

A constabulary serviceman had been changeable and killed successful the enactment of the duty, the archetypal successful caller memory. Some vicinity children stepped up the sheet Tuesday and did thing special.

Ground zero is the Lansdowne vicinity successful Selma. A vicinity assignment. One headed by erstwhile Selma City Councilwoman Susan Youngblood..

“And I thought wouldn’t it beryllium bully for the vicinity to person ribbons,” Youngblood said.

“I deliberation we’re going to enactment retired astir 120, 130 today,” said Meredith Johnson.

Neighborhood children volunteered their clip  to necktie  much  than a 100  bluish  ribbons to...

Neighborhood children volunteered their clip to necktie much than a 100 bluish ribbons to mailboxes.(Source: WSFA 12 News)

The goal? Tie a bluish ribbon to each mailbox - ribbons to retrieve fallen serviceman Marquis Moorer and the full Selma Police Department. This comes 1 week to the precise time erstwhile Moorer was changeable and killed. City leaders were much succinct saying helium was “ambushed.”

“I was really truly shocked,” said 15-year-old Kate Patterson.

It was that daze that propelled Kate to springiness up portion of her time to bash this, that is necktie 1 connected for Moorer.

“But erstwhile I heard that this was going connected I was gladsome that I could beryllium a portion thing to assistance grant him and his legacy,” said Kate.

At conscionable 15 years aged Kate says this is the astir meaningful task she’s ever worked on. She created a memory. One she’ll ne'er forget.

“It makes maine consciousness similar I’m doing thing to beryllium a portion of it,” Kate said.

Youngblood and Johnson anticipation what’s being done successful Lansdowne volition beryllium repeated successful different Selma neighborhoods and businesses.

“We would similar the constabulary to spell everyplace successful Selma and accidental ‘they truly bash enactment us,’” she said.

Blue ribbons for the men and women successful blue, ribbons tied with attraction and honor.

Suspect Javonte Stubbs remains successful the Chilton County jailhouse charged with 2 counts of superior execution and 1 number of attempted murder. The attempted execution complaint is levied due to the fact that Stubbs besides allegedly changeable Moorer’s important different during the shooting astatine Moorer’s apartment. The woman oregon woman is expected to recover, according to authorities.

Moorer’s ceremonial is acceptable for Wednesday from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. astatine Lewis Brothers Funeral Home connected Minter Avenue successful Selma. Graveside services volition beryllium connected Thursday starting astatine 11 a.m. astatine Pineview Memory Gardens successful Valley Grande.

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