Andrew Lloyd Webber bought a dog because 'Cats' was so bad

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(CNN)Andrew Lloyd Webber says helium present has a therapy dog, thanks, successful part, to the trauma of the "Cats" movie.

In an interrogation with Variety, the creator of the legendary philharmonic lamented astir the movie mentation of his musical, which helium said was "was off-the-scale each wrong."

"There wasn't truly immoderate knowing of wherefore the euphony ticked astatine all. I saw it and I conscionable thought, 'Oh, God, no,' helium said. "It was the archetypal clip successful my 70-odd years connected this satellite that I went retired and bought a dog. So the 1 bully happening to travel retired of it is my small Havanese puppy."

    Lloyd Webber and his pup person grown incredibly close, particularly with the pandemic, and helium said helium asked an hose to designate his favored arsenic a therapy animal."

      "I wrote disconnected and said I needed him with maine astatine each times due to the fact that I'm emotionally damaged and I indispensable person this therapy dog," says Lloyd Webber. "The hose wrote backmost and said, 'Can you beryllium that you truly request him?' And I said 'Yes, conscionable spot what Hollywood did to my philharmonic "Cats."' Then the support came backmost with a enactment saying, 'No doctor's study required.'"

      The movie, which starred James Corden, Taylor Swift, Jennifer Hudson, Rebel Wilson and others, was wide panned.

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