Animal Crossing: New Horizons Update Focuses On Fixing Bugs, Including Music Syncs And DIY Glitches

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons update 1.11.1 is present and its main focus, dissimilar erstwhile patches, is chiefly connected bug fixes known successful the game. From unreality glitches to de-synced music, present is what players tin expect to find erstwhile they log into their islands alongside the recent seasonal events added

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Update 1.11.1

According to the astir caller spot notes from Nintendo's UK site, the latest update tackles a fewer known issues successful the game. One bug, successful particular, addresses a bug successful the DIY Recipes app connected the in-game Nook instrumentality that would spot definite recipes retired of order. A abstracted bug hole tackles definite colour variations not showing up decently successful the Photopia point catalog, whereas a abstracted contented relating to the seasonal clouds not showing up rather arsenic intended has been patched. 

The last update successful the latest spot notes includes a hole that applies to the closing clip euphony not playing decently successful Nook's Cranny. Some users person reported that the euphony is missing entirely, wherever others mention that it simply sounds off. Whatever you whitethorn person experienced regarding this circumstantial bug, it looks similar it's present fixed and acceptable to loop retired those tunes arsenic intended. 

While this update whitethorn consciousness underwhelming, particularly with the slowed advancement of seasonal events compared to the past, Nintendo recently promised players that caller updates are presently successful improvement to beryllium released aboriginal this year. The Animal Crossing franchise is highly beloved by the Nintendo community, and for a bully reason. With lovable characters, the quality to make a satellite each connected its own, and a changeless rotation of caller events to support things exciting, it's casual to spot wherefore this bid is specified a staple successful the gaming community. Until we cognize much astir what plans the Big N has successful store for land life, astatine slightest we person euphony and beauteous clouds! 

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