Anti-vax Storm star won't return captain's calls

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Melbourne skipper Jesse Bromwich has revealed he's struggling to get telephone calls returned by anti-vax teammate Nelson Asofa-Solomona.

The Storm are locked successful a conflict with the hulking Kiwi prop implicit his refusal to get vaccinated against COVID-19.

While the NRL has not mandated vaccines for players oregon staff, the Victorian authorities is strict connected nonrecreational athletes getting jabbed earlier they're allowed to enactment successful contention oregon squad activities.

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Asofa-Solomona was owed to statesman pre-season grooming connected Monday, but Melbourne has alternatively designed a programme for him to bash astatine location distant from the club.

Last week John Asiata became the archetypal NRL subordinate to locomotion distant from a contract - with Canterbury - owed to his refusal to get vaccinated. Asofa-Solomona is successful information of going the aforesaid mode and sacrificing a overmuch much lucrative salary.

Nelson Asofa-Solomona of the Storm and Harry Grant of the Storm observe (Getty)

"I'm precise hopeful that NAS volition travel back, he's a almighty antheral and a large portion of our team," Bromwich said.

"A batch of america boys attraction profoundly for him and I've tried to scope retired to him but I didn't get thing back.

"I cognize he's got his beliefs astir vaccination and it's up to him but we truly privation him to travel back. So hopefully the substance resolves itself soon.

"I conscionable don't similar this awkwardness betwixt us... I'm precise adjacent with him truthful hopefully we tin get it sorted soon."

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