AOC slams SA's 28-day Olympian quarantine

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The Australian Olympic Committee has slammed the South Australian authorities for a "cruel" determination to taxable returning Olympians to a 28-day quarantine.

Currently, the rules of introduction into South Australia authorities that radical arriving from NSW indispensable implicit a 14-day quarantine upon entering the state.

Of the returning 56 South Australian athletes, 16 are quarantined successful Sydney aft touching down successful the harbour city.

But nether the South Australian government's existent protocols they would beryllium forced into different 14-day quarantine upon returning to their location state.

AOC Chief Executive Officer Matt Carroll. (Getty)

AOC Chief Executive Officer Matt Carroll says the determination flies successful the look of the adept aesculapian proposal and neglects the intelligence wellness of athletes, which whitethorn beryllium severely challenged aft returning from a highly constrained Tokyo Games environment.

"While different countries are celebrating the instrumentality of their athletes, we are subjecting ours to the astir cruel and uncaring treatment. They are being punished for proudly representing their state with favoritism astatine the Olympic Games," Carroll said.

"We are each promoting the evident benefits of vaccination, but this important furniture of extortion is not moving successful favour of these athletes, fixed this decision. By immoderate measure, this radical of returning Olympians is highly debased risk.

"Not lone are our Olympians afloat vaccinated, but they person besides been surviving successful a highly controlled bubble successful Tokyo, taking the upmost precautions – tested regular implicit galore weeks."

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Carroll said the AOC had expressly followed the South Australian Health Department's Exemption process but had truthful acold been knocked back.

"We person received nary mentation arsenic to wherefore our exertion connected behalf of these athletes has been rejected," helium said.

"If you tally an exemption process, presumably that includes the imaginable than exemptions tin beryllium granted based connected technological advice. We person received nary effect related to the adept proposal we person provided."

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