Attorney for Britney Spears requests earlier court date to remove her father as co-conservator

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Britney Spears, shown present  successful  2019, has requested her begetter  beryllium  removed arsenic  co-conservator of her estate.

(CNN)An lawyer for Britney Spears has filed a petition requesting the justice successful her conservatorship lawsuit determination up a proceeding to find instantly whether Jamie Spears volition beryllium removed arsenic the co-conservator of his daughter's estate, according to tribunal documents obtained by CNN connected Thursday.

The adjacent proceeding is presently acceptable for September 29 but the singer's attorney, Mathew Rosengart, has requested Judge Brenda Penny clasp the proceeding this period instead.

"Every time that passes is different time of avoidable harm and prejudice to Ms. Spears and the Estate," the petition states. "Ms. Spears's affectional wellness and well-being indispensable be, and are, the paramount concern. Further, each funny parties forcefully hold that Mr. Spears's continued beingness arsenic Conservator of the Estate is contrary to Ms. Spears's champion interests, health, and well-being, and that his punctual removal -- or, astatine the precise least, his contiguous suspension -- is 'critical' astatine this juncture."

    A typical for Jamie Spears could not instantly beryllium reached for comment.

      Rosengart has antecedently filed a petition to region the elder Spears from his relation arsenic co-conservator and regenerate him with Jason Rubin, a CPA astatine Certified Strategies Inc. successful Woodland Hills, California.

      Jamie Spears has overseen his daughter's estate.

      Spears has overseen his daughter's property for the duration of her 13-year conservatorship, which the vocalist has called "abusive." Speaking to the tribunal last month, the vocalist said she wanted to property charges against her begetter for "conservatorship abuse" and called the statement "f---ing cruelty."

      Earlier this year, done his lawyer Vivian Lee Thoreen, Jamie Spears said helium believes each determination helium has made arsenic conservator has been successful his daughter's champion interest.

      Britney Spears' lawyer calls conservatorship "Kafkaesque nightmare"

      Rosengart has stated that the concern has go "toxic" betwixt the vocalist and her begetter and that helium was "guilty of misfeasance oregon malfeasance."

      "For much than thirteen years, Petitioner Britney Jean Spears has endured a conservatorship that, surely arsenic it concerns James P. Spears, has grown progressively toxic and is simply nary longer tenable," Rosengart wrote successful his petition to region Spears arsenic co-conservator. "In summation to stripping his girl of her dignity, autonomy, and definite cardinal liberties -- Mr. Spears is besides blameworthy of misfeasance oregon malfeasance warranting the imposition of surcharges, damages, oregon different ineligible enactment against him."

      Rosengart described the statement arsenic a "Kafkaesque nightmare" for his lawsuit successful which her begetter has paid himself $16,000 per period from Britney Spears's property -- $2,000 much than is allotted for her -- and an further $2,000 per period for his bureau expenses.

        The petition to region the singer's begetter from her conservatorship was supported by her mother, Lynne Spears, who said successful a tribunal filing that her daughter's narration with her begetter had "dwindled to thing but fearfulness and hatred" aft helium "exercised perfectly microscopic control" implicit her life.

        "Although a two-month hold for a proceeding connected the Petition whitethorn not look important successful the discourse of 13 years," Rosengart stated successful his petition for an earlier tribunal date. "Ms. Spears should not beryllium forced to proceed consciousness traumatized, suffer sleep, and endure further. Every time matters."

        CNN's Cheri Mossburg contributed to this report.

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