Australia's startling ranking for cash medal bonuses

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Asian nations connection their golden medal winning athletes the astir for Olympic success.

US-based quality website SwimSwam analysed medal bonuses paid by Olympic committees up of the Tokyo Games and recovered the astounding quality paid to athletes betwixt competing nations astatine this year's lawsuit successful Japan.

Asian countries are astatine the apical of the database arsenic the astir generous, with Singapore awarding the single-highest bonus, SGD$1 cardinal (AUD$1,003,027) for winning an Olympic golden medal.


Hong Kong isn't acold behind, offering $875,000 for gold, portion Indonesia and Thailand some connection much than $400,000.

Australia isn't anyplace to beryllium recovered astatine the apical of the list, with the AOC rewarding athletes $20,000 for a golden medal, $15,000 for metallic and $10,000 for bronze.

Kaylee McKeown volition instrumentality location $110,000 successful medal bonuses. (Getty)

While immoderate fiscal reward is simply a bully one, Australia's medal bonus ranks 19th among different countries connected the list. Some athletes are privately sponsored similar Australia's champion rowers, who are fixed fiscal assistance by billionaire Gina Rinehart, who pays a $525-a-week wage for the apical 50 competitors successful the sport.

The United States much than doubles Australia's reward for golden with $50,000, arsenic good arsenic $30,000 for metallic and $20,000 for bronze.

Japan offers much than $60,000 for gold, France much than $85,000, portion Italy accrued its reward by 30 per cent this twelvemonth to $288,000. Italian 100m champion Lamont Marcell Jacobs' golden medal couldn't person travel astatine a amended time.

Gold medalist Emma McKeon of Team Australia poses during the medal ceremonial for the Women's 50m Freestyle Final. (Getty)

Other countries connection antithetic types of rewards for the athletes similar avoiding subject work oregon luxury vehicles oregon adjacent houses.

In summation to the medal bonus, the Australian Institute of Sport offers means-tested grants of up to $17,500 to assistance athletes successful their pursuit for golden and a further $8,000 for question and grooming expenses.

The national authorities allocated $50.6 cardinal successful "high show grants" for some Olympians and Paralympians successful the latest budget.

Gold medal bonuses by state (AUD):

Singapore — $1,003,027

Hong Kong — $875,000

Indonesia — $470,000

Thailand — $420,000

Kazakhstan — $340,000

Azerbaijan — $337,000

Malaysia — $237,000*

Italy — $288,000

Hungary — $228,000

France — $88,000

Russia — $83,000

Brazil — $65,000

Japan — $61,000

USA — $50,000

South Africa — $50,000

Netherlands — $48,000

Germany — $30,000

Canada — $22,000

Australia — $20,000

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