Back 4 Blood Beta Gameplay With The GI Crew - New Gameplay Today Live

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It's that clip again, friends, a caller Back 4 Blood beta is here, and we are going all-in erstwhile it comes to causing pure, unfiltered mayhem. Earlier this week, we elaborate what the latest beta play volition person to offer, including a caller playable quality and much enemies! If you missed that, you tin larn much astir the latest aboriginal entree play here. Or, you could conscionable articulation america aboriginal contiguous to spot it each firsthand! 

We volition beryllium checking retired 2 caller maps for the Swarm PvP mode, the caller co-op maps, and what caller weapons and cards the squad astatine Turtle Rock included with this caller beta. We're besides going to beryllium moving maniacally done the representation arsenic we did during our archetypal tally astatine streaming this game, truthful brace for that arsenic we amusement disconnected those sweet, saccharine skills and those moments we can't assistance but to panic shoot. It happens; we're not ashamed, we're not proud. 

Join Brian Shea, Dan Tack, Kim Wallace, and Liana Ruppert arsenic we squad up to instrumentality the zombie hoard down and amusement disconnected everything you tin bash successful Turtle Rock's latest beta event. We're going unrecorded astatine 2:30 p.m. CT, truthful beryllium definite to articulation america successful the chat, and we'll speech astir the Left 4 Dead spiritual successor and instrumentality each of those that marque amusive of the chaotic mode we play! If you can't get capable of our unrecorded shows, retrieve to subscribe on TwitchTwitter, and Facebook to get notified erstwhile we spell unrecorded each week! You tin besides cheque retired our YouTube channel here for the archived watercourse if you can't marque it!

To larn much astir Back 4 Blood, beryllium definite to check retired our dedicated crippled hub here to larn more! Our hub includes news, impressions, and adjacent interviews with the creator to speech astir the Left 4 Dead ties and adjacent imaginable mod support. Happy hunting! 

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