Biden Praises Pentagon For Mandating COVID Vaccinations For Active Duty Military

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President Biden praised the Pentagon for requiring that each active-duty subject beryllium COVID vaccinated by September 15.

President Biden said successful a connection provided to PoliticusUSA:

I powerfully enactment Secretary Austin’s connection to the Force contiguous connected the Department of Defense’s program to adhd the COVID-19 vaccine to the database of required vaccinations for our work members not aboriginal than mid-September. Secretary Austin and I stock an unshakable committedness to making definite our troops person each instrumentality they request to bash their jobs arsenic safely arsenic possible. These vaccines volition prevention lives. Period. They are safe. They are effective. Over 350 cardinal shots person been fixed successful the United States alone. Being vaccinated volition alteration our work members to enactment healthy, to amended support their families, and to guarantee that our unit is acceptable to run anyplace successful the world.

We cannot fto up successful the combat against COVID-19, particularly with the Delta variant spreading rapidly done unvaccinated populations. We are inactive connected a wartime footing, and each American who is eligible should instrumentality contiguous steps to get vaccinated close away. I americium arrogant that our subject women and men volition proceed to assistance pb the complaint successful the combat against this pandemic, arsenic they truthful often do, by mounting the illustration of keeping their chap Americans safe.

Military Vaccinations Are A National Security Issue

It was the eventual no-brainer to marque definite that active-duty members of the subject are vaccinated. The troops request to beryllium vaccinated to support themselves and the American radical safe.

A subject that is unvaccinated is simply a weaker enactment of nationalist defence that jeopardizes nationalist security.

The United States owes it to those who served to support them harmless due to the fact that if the subject is not safe, the state is not safe.

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