Biden Responds Governor Who? And Bursts Into Laughter When Asked About Ron DeSantis

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President Biden sent Gov. Ron DeSantis a wide connection erstwhile helium responded to DeSantis’s pugnacious speech by responding Governor who?

“Governor Who?”

Video of Biden:

Here is the president responding to my question astir ⁦@GovRonDeSantis⁩ utilizing Biden's words against him to accidental DeSantis is "getting successful the way" implicit COVID rules. President Biden: "Governor who?" Watch.


NBC News’s Kelly O’Donnell asked President Biden astir Gov. Ron DeSantis saying that helium was going to basal successful the mode of imposing COVID information measures, and Biden responded, “Governor who?” The President past started laughing.

President Biden Squashed Ron DeSantis Like A Bug

President Biden knows that DeSantis is trying to elevate himself by picking a combat with the President. DeSantis wants to tally for president successful 2024, and helium is trying to amusement Republicans that helium tin spell toed to toed with Biden. The occupation is Ron DeSantis is simply a governmental lightweight.

Donald Trump was an incumbent president and a Republican heavyweight, and Biden blew him retired successful a landslide.

Ron DeSantis is to usage the prima of a fashionable Florida tourer attraction, Mickey Mouse.

President Biden’s connection was clear. Ron DeSantis isn’t successful the aforesaid people arsenic the existent president, and Biden volition not let his bureau to beryllium utilized to elevate Florida’s COVID merchant of death.

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