Billie Eilish thinks Jimmy Fallon is a 'vertical brown rectangle'

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(CNN)Billie Eilish visited "The Tonight Show" connected Monday, wherever she performed her opus "Happier Than Ever" disconnected of her caller medium of the aforesaid name.

Eilish sang the song connected a ample signifier backed by her member Finneas, who is besides her producer.

She besides chatted with Fallon astir however her caller medium came about.

    "It truly conscionable happened. I, like, didn't cognize what I was going to bash astatine each until truly astir erstwhile the medium was over. I didn't adjacent cognize what it was going to beryllium called, I didn't cognize what the vibe was going to be, I didn't cognize what the artwork should be. I knew, though, that I wanted it to consciousness precise specific, you know? I wanted it to person a real... feeling to it and a existent aesthetic to it."

      She besides discussed her synesthesia, a encephalon information successful which a idiosyncratic associates colors and numbers to radical and objects. For instance, she sees Tuesday arsenic purple, portion her father, who besides has synesthesia, sees it arsenic orange.

        As for Fallon, Eilish says helium is simply a "vertical brownish rectangle," and the missive J successful Jimmy is besides brownish according to her.

        You tin cheque retired their speech here.

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