Boomers coach reveals greatest Simmons regret

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Boomers manager Brian Goorjian has revealed his top Ben Simmons regret aft the historical bronze medal triumph implicit Slovenia connected Saturday night.

"I wanted Ben Simmons not to triumph a medal, I wanted Ben Simmons to consciousness this Aussie civilization with these guys," Goorjian explained.

"So erstwhile Joe (Ingles), erstwhile Patty (Mills), erstwhile they each leave, this happening carries on."

Ingles is 33-years-old and Mills is 32.


Ben Simmons. (Getty)

Goorjian said helium believed some men were susceptible of playing astatine a precocious level astatine the 2024 Paris Olympics.

Simmons opted retired of the Olympics aft a disastrous NBA playoffs with the Philadelphia 76ers, arsenic his deficiency of shooting assurance was brutally exposed.

He is present connected the commercialized artifact arsenic the 76ers look for a hefty instrumentality package.

Boomers skipper Mills spoke passionately astir the outstanding squad civilization that had been built aft dropping 42 points successful the Slovenia win.

Brian Goorjian and Patty Mills observe bronze. (Getty)

"It's our civilization astatine the extremity of the day, it's our Australian culture, our Aussie spirit," Mills said.

"It's the boys being capable to bent unneurotic and recognize the meaning of what it means to correspond your state and however heavy the layers spell for it to conscionable travel pouring retired successful moments similar this.

"Now that we've made it implicit the hill, this is the modular present successful Australian hoops for men and we instrumentality thing less."

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