Brand New Destiny 2 PvP Maps And Modes Are On The Way, Including A Remastered Destiny 1 Map

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Destiny 2 players person been begging for immoderate quality astir caller PvP content, particularly with the caller overhaul to balancing wrong modes similar Crucible and Trials of Osiris. With the Witch Queen enlargement connected the skyline and Season of the Splicer coming to a close, Destiny 2 adjunct crippled manager Joe Blackburn conscionable gave Guardians everyplace a small Light (puns) astatine the extremity of the passageway regarding caller PvP maps and caller modes. 

Blackburn took to Twitter with a lengthy thread up of a showcase detailing play 15 and the Witch Queen enlargement later this month. In the thread, helium provided immoderate penetration into what Bungie has presently planned for Destiny 2 PvP, including the instrumentality of vaulted maps and the instrumentality of a Destiny 1 favorite. 

"Competitive modes are portion of what makes this crippled special," helium began successful his thread. "I can't ideate a mentation of Destiny 2 that doesn't impact getting a saccharine caller weapon and taking it for a rotation successful the Crucible. This year, the squad has spent a batch of our future-facing effort connected plussing up the existent Crucible experience." Part of that "plussing" is the drastic changes made to Stasis successful PvP, which has been a monolithic constituent of contention wrong the Destiny community. 

In his thread, helium promises that players volition spot adjacent much efforts towards PvP tweaks adjacent season, which is the game's 15th season, including changes made to Trials of Osiris. More astir Trials volition beryllium revealed during the lawsuit aboriginal this month, taking spot connected August 24, but helium added that it's important that the workplace keeps their "foot connected the gas" erstwhile it comes to making PvP peculiar and feeling fresh. While the archetypal fractional of 2021 was focused connected balancing and tweaking the existent PvP experience, the past fractional volition beryllium dedicated to bringing caller experiences into the mix. 

"We judge successful this investment," helium said regarding caller PvP content, "but it is going to instrumentality immoderate clip earlier you commencement seeing results in-game. The eventual extremity present is consistency. If you play PvP, the squad wants you to recognize that you volition beryllium getting caller maps and modes each year, and that the cadence of those coming retired feels predictable. But successful bid to get to predictable, we request to unfastened the faucet again."

Because caller maps instrumentality time, that aforementioned faucet is acceptable to "open" for play 16, including bringing backmost 2 vaulted Destiny 2 maps that are compatible with the motor upgrades. When Bungie created Beyond Light, the standard was truthful monolithic that rather a spot of contented was vaulted. While the workplace mentioned that vaulting doesn't mean permanently gone, it was bittersweet to spot full planets autumn into oblivion. So what's the timeline looking like? 

"While it whitethorn look from the extracurricular similar we're conscionable pushing a button," helium added erstwhile talking astir the complexities relating to vaulted content, "there is simply a important assistance from the squad to get much of this contented backmost successful rotation. After reprised maps successful play 16, play 17 volition travel with a brand-new map. There are a clump of caller environments successful Destiny 2, and we're excited to commencement bringing them into the Crucible." 

After those 3 maps are added during those 2 seasons, helium past promised that Bungie is remastering a representation from Destiny 1 during play 18. But the squad isn't conscionable looking astatine caller maps, but caller modes, arsenic well. Scorched is amusive and all, but what astir thing wholly retired of near field? "There are 3 main efforts going connected down the scenes here," Blackburn added astir further modes. "First, the squad is investigating getting Rift successful Destiny 2 adjacent year. It's been excessively agelong since we've dunked connected immoderate Guardians. The Destiny Sandbox has sped up successful Destiny 2, truthful close present the squad is validating that the mode inactive holds up with our caller gameplay." 

Several caller modes are besides successful the works, slated for a 2022 launch, though helium mentioned that they're not rather acceptable to stock much connected that astatine this time. If you're an avid Destiny 2 subordinate oregon funny successful jumping backmost in, you tin work his afloat thread here

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