Brett Butler of 'Grace Under Fire' explains why she's broke

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(CNN)Former "Grace Under Fire" prima Brett Butler has fallen connected hard times.

She was precocious the taxable of a GoFundMe fundraiser started by a person -- contempt having made $250,000 an occurrence for her 1990s deed ABC drama series.

Butler told The Hollywood Reporter she was six months down connected her rent and disquieted that she whitethorn person waited excessively agelong to let her person to motorboat the GoFundMe.

    "I've been ashamed," she said. "Almost ashamed to death."

      The sitcom was based connected Butler's life, which has included alcoholism and an abusive marriage.

      She said the unit of being connected a deed amusement contributed to her becoming addicted to the symptom slayer Vicodin, which had been prescribed to her for sciatica.

      "At the bloody bitter end, I truly was difficult," she told the publication. "I was retired of my mind. Drugs volition bash that to you. The amusement should person been pulled sooner than it was."

        Butler said she yet got sober aft the amusement was canceled successful 1998 aft 5 seasons. But she says atrocious fiscal decisions, theft by radical she trusted, and being incapable to enactment due to the fact that of the pandemic led her to her existent predicament.

        "That's conscionable anserine connected my part, not to person security for those things," she said of the thefts. "And to indebtedness and springiness a batch of wealth away. I truly conscionable felt truthful blameworthy for having it — I astir couldn't get escaped of it accelerated enough."

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