Broncos halfback set to leave NRL at just 24

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Brodie Croft played 1 of his champion games for the Broncos successful the defeat of the Cowboys astatine Suncorp Stadium, but it won't beryllium capable to prevention his Brisbane career.

Croft, 24, has a twelvemonth to tally connected his woody with the nine but the Broncos are buying him to English clubs.

With Souths wide Adam Reynolds coming to the club, the Broncos person deemed Croft surplus goods and volition wage immoderate of his declaration adjacent twelvemonth to sweeten the cookware for Super League clubs.

Croft, who played successful the 2018 expansive last for the Storm but has struggled for consistency astatine NRL level, volition beryllium a useful signing successful England.

Several clubs are keen to prime him up, with Salford starring the way.

Brodie Croft of the Broncos. (Getty)


Still connected the Broncos, journeyman hooker Danny Levi, who played a cardinal relation successful the large triumph implicit the Cowboys connected the play - is each but mislaid to the club.

Levi acceptable up a effort for Kotoni Staggs erstwhile helium replaced the injured Jake Turpin and was mostly crisp astir dummy-half.

The erstwhile Manly and Newcastle No.9 is simply a genuine hooker who gets his squad connected the beforehand ft and has been made a semipermanent connection from English nine Huddersfield.

Levi, who would person played much shot for the Broncos this twelvemonth but for Turpin's fantabulous form, looks acceptable to instrumentality the offer.

Danny Levi of the Broncos. (Getty)


Sio Siua Taukeiaho has been a large servant to the Roosters for 8 seasons but similar an aged Holden ute, helium has a batch of miles nether the hood and is starting to dilatory down.

And it's for that crushed that the Roosters are apt to let the 29-year-old mediate guardant to decorativeness his vocation with a semipermanent woody successful Super League from adjacent season.

The numbers amusement that Father Time and injuries person caught up with Taukeiaho this year.

He is averaging 116 moving metres per game, precisely 30 little than past season, hasn't made a enactment interruption and already conceded 10 penalties compared to conscionable 2 successful the full of past season.

The Roosters person immoderate bully young forwards coming done truthful are blessed to fto Taukeiaho prime up 1 last large payday.

Sio Siua Taukeiaho of the Roosters. (Getty)


Several clubs broke caller crushed implicit the brainsick COVID play by having their adjunct coaches pass with their caput coaches via Zoom from their edifice rooms during games.

Part of the Queensland government's strict protocols to let games to spell up was that clubs were constricted to 10 enactment unit connected crippled day.

By the clip trainers, doctors and physios were allocated spots, determination was nary country for assistants astatine immoderate clubs.

But they utilized hi-tech methods to enactment involved, mounting up their edifice rooms with respective antithetic camera angles from games and past talking to the caput coaches via Zoom successful existent time.

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