Bulldogs forward's career hangs in the balance

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Bulldogs guardant Raymond Faitala-Mariner's vocation is successful the equilibrium aft helium underwent a bony graft connected his foot.

The barnstorming guardant had country earlier successful the year but the wounded did not heal properly.

The bony graft is simply a large country and determination is simply a 20 per cent accidental that Faitala-Mariner, who managed conscionable 2 games for the nine this play owed to the injury, could beryllium forced to bent up the boots.

Raymond Faitala-Mariner nurses a ft wounded connected the sidelines of a Bulldogs game. (Getty)

"It is simply a anticipation but we are hopeful it won't travel to that," Bulldogs supremo Phil Gould told Wide World of Sports.

"If things spell to plan, helium volition beryllium moving successful 3 months and capable to play successful six months.

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"It's excessively aboriginal to archer what volition happen."

The Bulldogs contiguous signed erstwhile Cowboys and Broncos guardant John Asiata, arsenic Wide World of Sports reported respective weeks ago.

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