Carlton deny explosive Teague report

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Carlton person denied apical Melbourne vigor announcer Neil Mitchell's study that under-fire manager David Teague has been told this volition beryllium his past play successful the job.

Speaking connected his 3AW Mornings show, Mitchell reported that Teague had yesterday been told successful a gathering that helium wouldn't beryllium Carlton's manager successful 2022, pursuing the Blues' dismal 19-point nonaccomplishment to the Gold Coast Suns connected Saturday.

The defeats means Carlton's finals drought, which stretches backmost to 2013, has extended to different year. Teague is nether declaration until the extremity of adjacent season.

Carlton manager David Teague addresses his team. (Getty)

But Carlton person rejected the story.

"I conscionable got a extremity from a tenable source, truthful it's a red-hot extremity unconfirmed, that the manager of Carlton, Teague, has been told, was told yesterday successful fact, that his tenure volition decorativeness astatine the extremity of the year," Mitchell said.

"So Teague is retired and determination volition beryllium different changes, arsenic well; different radical wrong the nine volition beryllium nary longer required.

"That's unconfirmed, but it would look to marque sense."

Mitchell past informed listeners that Carlton had responded to his report.

"Carlton footy nine person been successful touch. They accidental determination was nary gathering with David Teague yesterday," Mitchell said.

"Look, if it hasn't happened yet, it volition happen."

The Blues person fallen abbreviated of finals footy for the 16th clip successful 20 years.

Teague began his tenure arsenic manager connected an awesome note, starring Carlton to six wins from their past 11 games of the 2019 season.

But the Blues mentor has achieved precise small since transitioning from interim to imperishable manager precocious successful Carlton's 2019 campaign.

Carlton depart the tract aft their 19-point decision to Gold Coast. (Getty)

Carlton mustered conscionable 7 wins successful 2020 connected their mode to an 11th-placed finish, earlier slumping to 13th connected the ladder with 8 wins from 20 matches precocious successful the 2021 season.

North Melbourne icon David King expects that Teague has precise fewer days near arsenic Carlton coach.

"I consciousness for him arsenic a erstwhile teammate of mine, but if you're conscionable going to look astatine what's happening with this business, past there's lone 1 apt result and I deliberation we each cognize that and I deliberation David astir apt knows that ... When you know, rip the band-aid off; it is amended for each parties," King said connected SEN.

"It mightiness beryllium hard for Carlton to spell for the adjacent 2 games with a manager that they didn't truly privation oregon a set-up having already mislaid a mates of radical from their footy department.

"It whitethorn beryllium a spot ugly, but there's thing uglier than the dilatory death. Nothing."

Carlton manager David Teague addresses his charges during the 19-point nonaccomplishment to Gold Coast. (Getty)

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