CES 2022: Bosch tests deep audio AI developed on the ISS to detect asthma in kids

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Doctors volition usage a high-resolution microphone to grounds children arsenic they talk and respire to look for breathing problems.


Bosch is moving with a pediatric probe institute and a wellness security institution to trial its SoundSee heavy audio investigation to observe asthma and different breathing problems successful kids.

Image: Bosch

Bosch has thing for everyone astatine this year's CES 2022 event: a location information system, an electrical bike, an oven that uses artificial intelligence, astute glasses, a robot lawnmower and adjacent a charging station.

One integer wellness merchandise didn't marque it into the #LikeaBosch tech-smart Mom video contempt its transportation to families. Bosch and Highmark Health announced a caller probe task to usage heavy audio investigation to observe breathing problems successful kids connected Tuesday, Jan. 4. This artificial quality instrumentality could assistance doctors spot the signs of asthma.

Bosch, Highmark Health, a wellness security supplier successful Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Delaware and New York; and a pediatric probe institute are readying a objective proceedings during the archetypal quarter. Researchers volition trial the thought that information collected during an exam tin beryllium utilized to spot audio patterns that suggest breathing problems. If the archetypal investigation detects an abnormality, the diligent would travel up with a pediatrician for further review.

Kelly J. Shields, a elder probe information idiosyncratic astatine Highmark Health, said successful a property merchandise that the collaboration betwixt Bosch, Highmark Health and the Pediatric Institute of Allegheny Health Network has the imaginable to alteration the diagnosis and attraction of asthma and different breathing disorders.

"This unsocial collaboration betwixt 2 manufacture leaders fits squarely with our ngo of exploring technological innovations that tin amended the wellness and wellness of our patients and members," Shields said. 

Joseph Aracri, a pediatrician and seat of the institute, volition behaviour the archetypal feasibility survey successful a tiny radical of kids. During a patient's sojourn to the pediatric clinic, the high-resolution microphone volition seizure the sounds arsenic the children talk and breathe. The sounds volition past beryllium processed and added arsenic a diagnostic into the algorithm and machine learning techniques on with clinically applicable accusation and the child's diagnosis.

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The exertion comes from the company's enactment successful outer space. SoundSee uses algorithms that process audio signals to construe sounds successful a peculiar environment. The level besides listens to ambient sound and maps aggregate dependable sources. In 2019, Bosch sent SoundSee to the International Space Station arsenic a mode to show safety. Mini-robots utilized microphones to grounds the dependable of machinery and instrumentality connected the station. Bosch researchers backmost connected Earth analyzed the information to look for problems. 

"It has ever been the imaginativeness of Bosch that the SoundSee exertion would person applications beyond space," Samarjit Das, person of the Intelligent Internet of Things radical astatine Bosch Research, said successful a property release. "Our caller probe collaboration with Highmark Health and Allegheny Health Network is different important measurement successful demonstrating the imaginable of this technology–and specifically artificial intelligence–to supply benefits to humankind."

Bosch has respective patents connected SoundSee AI exertion for user and concern applications specified arsenic biology audio lawsuit designation and instrumentality wellness monitoring.

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