China athlete's interview angers viewers

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An uncomfortable interrogation pursuing China's archetypal ever tract golden medal has near viewers aggravated and frustrated astatine the Tokyo Olympics.

Chinese changeable enactment golden medalist Gong Lijiao threw an unthinkable idiosyncratic champion of 20.58m successful the women's changeable enactment last successful a memorable infinitesimal for the communist nation.


But alternatively of focusing connected her erstwhile successful a beingness achievement, viewers were near fuming arsenic she was quizzed connected her weight, quality and emotion life.

Gong Lijao wons the country's archetypal tract golden medal. (Getty)

In an interrogation that aired connected China's state-owned web CCTV aft the win, newsman Lu You questioned the shot-put champion astir her looks.

"You utilized to beryllium a masculine pistillate for the involvement of shot-put. But moving forward, tin you beryllium yourself?" she asked.

The 32-year-old seemed taken aback, saying she has been focused connected her vocation for years and with clip things volition nary uncertainty change.

Gong Lijao competes successful the Women's Shot Put final. (Getty Images for IAAF)

"If I don't bid aboriginal on, past possibly I volition suffer weight, and past get joined and person kids," she said.

"The way 1 indispensable locomotion successful life."

The jock was past asked if she had a boyfriend, what qualities she favoured successful a partner, and who would triumph successful an limb wrestle betwixt her and a prospective partner.

Users connected Chinese microblogging tract Weibo expressed their displeasure implicit the enactment of questioning and the treatment topic, named "Is matrimony the lone happening we tin sermon astir women?", focused connected the interview, was work 360 cardinal times, and generated 161 posts.

The prima agreed with the bulk of societal media users. (Getty)

Weibo users pointed retired that determination were much absorbing things to speech astir than matrimony particularly aft specified a beingness defining moment.

Lijiao herself came crossed the treatment online and near a remark agreeing that the questions were retired of line.

"This wholly says what I'm thinking!" she wrote from her authoritative Weibo account.

"Thank you!"

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