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A look astatine immoderate of the worst harm sustained successful Rudd from the Wednesday nighttime storm. 

Because of the actions of a Rudd unpaid firefighter during past month's destructive storm, an Oklahoma institution has donated a siren strategy to the town.

Logan Shelts, who is simply a portion of Goddard Enterprises, said they heard the communicative of what happened to Rudd and of unpaid firefighter Tyler Hicks done Facebook.

After seeing the demolition and proceeding astir Hicks' actions, the Oklahoma-based mass-notification strategy institution wanted to assistance the municipality out. "Being from Oklahoma, we person first-hand acquisition successful harm caused from tornadoes," said Shelts.

Shelts said they admired the Hicks' communicative from the time of the derecho. Hicks, who has been a unpaid firefighter for astir a year, stood extracurricular successful the tempest to manually clasp the tornado siren fastener down to alert the assemblage of the impending danger.

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A look wrong the Rudd Public Library, which nary longer has a extortion pursuing Wednesday night's storm. 

Hicks and chap unpaid firefighters were heading to the presumption the nighttime of the Dec. 15 derecho. Shortly aft arriving, Hicks' telephone received a tornado alert and helium went to dependable the siren. 

"It was conscionable raining sideways and I didn't cognize if it was going to get worse than that," said Hicks.

Hicks recalled taking video with his telephone to amusement what being successful the tempest was similar to others. While holding down the button, helium realized the siren became quiet. The siren was ripped disconnected its rod by the upwind and was sent 2 blocks away, according to Hicks.

"In this case, we thought it was beauteous noble of that fireman to beryllium there, holding the button," said Shelts.

"I signed up to beryllium a unpaid firefighter and portion of my occupation is to marque definite radical are safe," Hicks said.

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Damage sustained successful Rudd aft a enactment of storms pushed done connected Dec.15. 

Shelts said Goddard Enterprises strives to assistance towns similar Rudd update their alert systems, by helping them acquisition a caller 1 oregon refurbishing an older model. 

Rudd's caller siren strategy is battery-operated, truthful if the powerfulness were to spell retired successful the town, the siren tin proceed to signal. It besides has a distant relation allowing it to beryllium activated from anyplace to alert the community.

Shelts said a marque caller siren strategy tin outgo anyplace betwixt $23 and $25 thousand.

"Our institution has been successful concern (close to) sixty years and we conscionable privation to assistance everyone," said Shelts.

The caller siren strategy has to beryllium approved by the metropolis assembly earlier it is installed, but Hicks is anxious for the siren's arrival. 

"I was overjoyed. It is large of a institution similar that to scope retired and assistance retired a tiny municipality similar this," said Hicks.

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