CNN’s Brianna Keilar Blames Republican Fox Viewers For COVID Surge And The Right Loses It

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CNN’s Brianna Keilar enactment the blasted connected Republican Fox viewers for the COVID surge and the close blew a gasket.

On CNN’s New Day, Keilar talked astir Republicans falsely blaming immigrants for spreading COVID, and it enraged radical similar Benny Johnson of the Tea Party. (Yes, the Tea Party is inactive around).

Ah yes. The talking points went retired this morning. The logical statement that "open borders leads to much disease" was acold excessively evident and damaging and libs panicked to travel up with something. However, libs volition beryllium shocked to recognize that nary 1 believes this agitprop anymore


Keilar responded:

Unvaccinated Americans, disproportionately Republican Fox viewers, are fueling the surge, not migrants who are adjacent 100 percent tested and quarantined if positive. Why not speech astir the borderline situation without dabbling successful BS and racist tropes astir immigrants.


Dana Loesch emerged from her dank and acheronian country of the Internet to blasted blacks and Hispanics for the COVID surge, but Keilar had a effect for her too:


A Morning Consult poll has consistently recovered that Fox News viewers person the highest complaint of vaccine skepticism among mainstream media consumers.

The lone radical with a higher level of skepticism are those who get their quality from societal media, and 1 suspects that if the information were breached down more, it would beryllium Facebook users who are driving the skepticism.

Republican elected officials similar Govs. Greg Abbott and Ron DeSantis person been blaming immigrants for the dispersed of COVID to deflect from their ain failed policies successful handling the pandemic.

CNN’s Keilar wasn’t putting up with the accustomed right-wing attempts to bully a subordinate of the media into renouncing the facts. Fox News and its viewers are a operator of vaccine misinformation, and they yet getting called retired by everyone other for spreading unwellness and death.

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