Coffee Talk Episode 2 Brews Another Cup In 2022

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Coffee Talk is simply a chill small crippled that dropped past January astir brewing blistery cups of legume foodstuff portion chatting up your colorful patrons and vibing to a relaxing soundtrack. Baristas looking to unfastened up store erstwhile much should beryllium blessed to larn that a follow-up, dubbed Episode 2: Hibiscus & Butterfly, is coming adjacent year.

Like the archetypal game, this ocular novel-style escapade revolves astir concocting a assortment of flavorful brews for your problem-ridden customers. Set successful an alternate phantasy mentation of modern-day Seattle, visitors tin beryllium humans, elves, werewolves, vampires, and different mythological races. You’ll service returning favorites specified arsenic the writer Freya and constabulary serviceman Jorji, portion first-time visitors see Rionna, an aspiring opera singer, arsenic good arsenic the mysterious blue-haired pistillate shown astatine the extremity of the trailer. 

Listening to your patron’s idiosyncratic stories portion brewing peculiar drinks that power their dialog forms the crux of this laid-back, municipality phantasy experience. Episode 2 doesn’t look radically antithetic from the archetypal game, but fans who bask what Coffee Talk offered whitethorn beryllium contented with simply getting much of it with immoderate caller faces and storylines. 

Coffee Talk Episode 2: Hibiscus & Butterfly launches sometime successful 2022 for PlayStation and Xbox consoles arsenic good arsenic Switch.

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