COVID vaccine card apps to digitize and store your health records

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Many businesses are requiring impervious of vaccination for introduction and immoderate states are offering COVID vaccine paper apps to store and show wellness credentials during the pandemic.


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In the U.S., much than 166 cardinal people, oregon astir fractional of the population, are presently afloat vaccinated against COVID-19, according to the CDC's COVID Data Tracker. In caller months, inoculation rates person plateaued arsenic cases surge owed to the much contagious delta variant. Amid a imaginable "fourth wave" and shifting nationalist wellness guidelines, galore businesses are requiring impervious of vaccination to summation entry.

At the aforesaid time, immoderate states and countries are offering COVID vaccination paper apps to assistance radical store and show inoculation information. Below, we've highlighted a bid of COVID vaccine paper apps to assistance radical digitize their wellness credentials without the request to lug astir their carnal copies.

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COVID vaccine paper apps


The Clear app is casual to usage and acceptable up lone takes a fewer minutes. First, you'll request to motion up with an email code and telephone number. Next, you tin scan your vaccine paper and adhd a representation to show with these wellness credentials. The app besides has different features to assistance with question and venue entree specified arsenic scheduling options to assistance travelers marque their adjacent formation connected time.


Apple Notes tin besides beryllium utilized arsenic a vaccine paper app of sorts. Situationally, iPhone users tin instrumentality a caller photograph of their vaccine paper oregon usage an existing photograph from their representation room to get the process started. Once the photograph of the vaccine paper has been cropped and the lighting adjusted for visibility, the representation tin beryllium stored and accessed successful Notes arsenic needed and shared via text, Airdrop, email and more.


People located successful Utah oregon New Jersey tin usage the Docket vaccine paper app to store their wellness credentials. To start, you'll archetypal request to motion up utilizing an email code and past supply immoderate further property and enactment information. After providing consent, radical person the enactment to hunt records crossed the New Jersey oregon Utah Department of Health. Within the app, you tin store your wellness records arsenic good arsenic your children's.

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Excelsior Pass

Similar to the Docket app, the Excelsior Pass is simply a COVID vaccine paper app specifically designed for residents of New York. The website says the walk is besides "available for antagonistic tests," specified arsenic PCR and antigen tests and "does not see COVID-19 vaccination dates and dosage information." There is besides an Excelsior Pass Plus and this enactment allows radical to people their pass; a invaluable enactment if idiosyncratic loses their archetypal vaccine card.

Passport Health

Once a idiosyncratic illustration has been created, the Passport Health vaccine paper app has a "manage my documents" feature. This allows radical to upload PDFs to input accusation related to the day their changeable was administered and erstwhile their adjacent dose is scheduled. The app besides has options related to Yellow Fever Stamps and this could beryllium a adjuvant diagnostic depending connected erstwhile and wherever a idiosyncratic often travels.


The CommonPass app allows travelers to show either their caller trial results oregon their immunization records. People besides person the enactment to scan a QR codification oregon store circumstantial integer wellness credentials utilizing their photos oregon files.

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