COVID Vaccines Offer Only Some Protection for People With Myeloma

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By Robert Preidt
HealthDay Reporter

WEDNESDAY, Dec. 15, 2021 (HealthDay News) -- COVID-19 vaccination provides acold little extortion to radical with multiple myeloma than to survivors of different types of cancer, caller probe shows.

The findings item the request for aggregate myeloma patients “to beryllium particularly cautious -- to instrumentality social distancing earnestly and utilize masking -- adjacent if they’ve been vaccinated,” said survey elder writer Dr. Nikhil Munshi, from the Jerome Lipper Multiple Myeloma Center astatine Dana-Farber Cancer Institute successful Boston.

The caller findings travel from a follow-up to probe precocious published successful JAMA Oncology, wherever COVID corruption rates were assessed successful astir 60,000 vaccinated and unvaccinated crab survivors who had not received a systemic crab attraction specified arsenic chemotherapy oregon immunotherapy successful the erstwhile six months.

The caller survey compared 818 adults with multiple myeloma who had been vaccinated against COVID-19 with an adjacent fig of unvaccinated patients who besides had the blood cancer.

Also included were astir 9,600 patients with a information known arsenic monoclonal gammopathy of undetermined value (MGUS), which increases myeloma risk. Half were vaccinated, fractional unvaccinated.

Over 2 to 41 weeks of follow-up, the effectiveness of vaccination successful preventing corruption varied widely. After 2 doses, it was 5.6% successful myeloma patients, and 27.2% successful radical with MGUS. This compares with 85% successful crab survivors not connected treatment.

Vaccine effectiveness started to diminution astir six months aft patients' 2nd dose, the survey found.

The myeloma diligent findings were presented Sunday astatine a gathering of the American Society of Hematology successful Atlanta. Research presented astatine meetings should beryllium considered preliminary until published successful a peer-reviewed journal.

Researchers said the little effectiveness of vaccination successful myeloma patients apt owes to some the illness itself and to its treatment. Both tin weaken the immune system.

“We recovered that, compared to patients who hadn’t been treated successful the past six months, the complaint of breakthrough infections was 2.6%,” Munshi said successful a Dana-Farber quality release.

“For patients who were treated wrong the past 90 days, that fig goes up to 4-5%," helium added. "And successful patients treated with daratumumab [an immunotherapy agent], the fig was 9%.”

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The American Cancer Society has much connected multiple myeloma.

SOURCE: Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, quality release, Dec. 11, 2021

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