Developers dread these programming languages, but which one pays the most?

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A information of the study ranks programming languages by their correlating developer salary. If you're looking to get paid well, it mightiness beryllium worthy your clip to larn Clojure and possibly not Dart.


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On Monday, Stack Overflow published the results of its 2021 Developer Survey. The findings item a scope of sentiments and economical accusation specified arsenic developer attitudes toward circumstantial "dreaded" languages and however overmuch definite programming languages wage connected average. So, which programming languages bash developers love, and which 1 should you larn if you privation to get paid apical dollar?

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Top programming languages: Loved, hated and wanted

Overall, the results are based connected a planetary survey conducted successful May and June of this twelvemonth involving much than 83,000 bundle developers. Rust topped the database successful presumption of languages developers emotion versus the options they dreaded, with 86.98% of responses saying they loved Rust compared to the 13% of responses who dreaded it. Clojure ranked No. 2 successful this respect with 81% of respondents saying they loved the connection versus 18.88% who dreaded it.

Interestingly, there's a marked drop-off betwixt the apical 2 and the remainder of the field. TypeScript ranked 3rd with 72.73% of respondents saying they loved the connection versus 27.27% who dreaded it. In order, Elixir, Julia, and Python circular retired the apical six.

On the different extremity of the spectrum, Cobol ranked astatine the slightest loved programming language, with 84.21% of respondents saying they dreaded it, versus 15.79% who loved it. In order, VBA, Matlab, Objective-C, Groovy and Assembly sat astatine the bottommost of the database arsenic the apical six astir dreaded programming languages.

Most wanted programming languages

A information of the study identifies the programming languages developers wanted to person successful their arsenal. Stack Overflow determined these languages based connected the percent of "developers who are not processing with the connection oregon exertion but person expressed involvement successful processing with it." Python topped the database by a wide borderline with 19.04% of respondents wanting the programming language, followed by runner-up TypeScript (15.29%). In order, JavaScript (14.59%), Go (14.54%), Rust (14.09%) and Node.js (11.9%) circular retired the apical six astir wanted programming languages.

"Rust is the "most loved" connection for the sixth consecutive year, and Python was the "most wanted" for the 5th consecutive year. Though it's not arsenic "new" arsenic Rust, Python is casual to larn and applicable crossed industries. It's 1 of the astir wide implemented languages, and programs thin to beryllium wide and readable," said Khalid El Khatib, SVP of selling communications astatine Stack Overflow.

Top paying programming languages

A conception of the study ranks programming languages by their correlating developer salary. To find this figure, the survey asked respondents to database their full compensation. Clojure topped the database astatine $95,000 astir $14,000 higher than runner-up F# ($81,037). Elixir and Erlang some garnered the aforesaid wage ($80,077) followed by Perl and Ruby, with some besides earning the aforesaid wage ($80,000). On the economical flip side, Dart sat astatine the bottommost of the database astatine $32,986, conscionable a fewer expansive beneath PHP ($38,916).

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Over the past year, online acquisition opportunities a la upskilling and micro credentials person been fashionable options for radical looking to heighten their resumes amid precocious unemployment and ample clip astatine location owed to COVID-19. Khalid El Khatib said that immoderate of the factors could play a relation successful the surge successful definite programming languages and more.

"The emergence of easy-to-learn languages and frameworks mightiness besides beryllium related to however radical are learning to code. Especially aft respective months successful lockdown, integer learning and online resources are precise fashionable with 60% of radical learning to codification online," helium said.

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