'Dexter: New Blood' makes the most of its do-over in carving out a final chapter

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Julia Jones and Michael C. Hall successful  'Dexter: New Blood.'

The pursuing contains large spoilers astir the "Dexter: New Blood" finale.

(CNN)Unlike galore revivals, "Dexter: New Blood" came equipped with a wide consciousness of intent and mission, seeking to constitute a much satisfying last section than the much-derided 2013 bid finale. This 10-episode tally made the astir of that opportunity, bringing closure to the amusement successful a mode that the archetypal bid had excessively coyly sidestepped.

Appropriately titled "Sins of the Father," the last occurrence settled the destiny of Dexter Morgan (Michael C. Hall), who -- having cheated decease aggregate times earlier -- yet accepted it. That the sidesplitting came astatine the hands of his son, Harrison (Jack Alcott), not lone dispatched the serial slayer to conscionable his seemingly inevitable destiny but pulled the lad backmost from the brink of falling unfortunate to his ain "dark passenger."

"I privation to beryllium normal," Harrison said, successful a infinitesimal that saw Dexter flash backmost connected each the collateral harm done and lives mislaid implicit the years -- his woman and his sister Debra (Jennifer Carpenter) among them -- contempt his "code," justifying execution by reserving it for those helium deemed worthy of vigilante justice.

    The decorativeness besides saw Dexter's girlfriend, the section sheriff Angela (Julia Jones), go the latest to place his secret, surviving wherever those earlier her hadn't. Of course, Dexter's narration with her reflected his arrogance and religion that helium could proceed to elude detection, and frankly, helium would person gotten distant again without his determination not to simply tally away.

      Angela not lone connected Dexter to the Bay Harbor Butcher killings but, acknowledgment to him, yet learned the information astir the missing women successful her area, rather an awesome haul for immoderate section cop.

        Aside from providing a reminder astir however incredibly bully Hall is successful this role, the "Dexter" revival worked truthful good successful portion due to the fact that it didn't fret astir milking this immoderate further, but alternatively sought to supply the quality the sendoff that helium lacked.

        That included deftly reconnecting this tally to the earlier bid with Angela contacting Angel Batista (David Zayas), 1 of Dexter's erstwhile colleagues successful the Miami constabulary department, who, similar everyone else, had believed him dead.

          "New Blood" didn't necktie up each escaped end, and the mythological aspects of whether Harrison mightiness beryllium the worst benignant of spot disconnected the aged artifact astatine times felt a trifle strained; still, successful utilizing this do-over to termination disconnected the rubric character, writer-producer Clyde Phillips provided a long-deferred consciousness of justness that, significantly, didn't romanticize its protagonist.

            Long-running bid tin easy permission a atrocious sensation down with an unsatisfying finale, and successful hindsight, this full workout felt designed to expunge that.

            In that sense, "Dexter" wasn't the accustomed currency drawback but alternatively an effort to carve retired an ending that would change its legacy. Despite skepticism going into this season, ngo accomplished, successful a bid that took Dexter and his "dark passenger" and delivered 1 heck of a ride.

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