Diver's amazing reaction to homophobic slurs

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Great Britain diver Tom Daley has shown unthinkable people successful his effect to vile homophobic and transphobic slurs from Russian media during the Tokyo Olympics.

The International Olympic Committee is investigating the insults made connected Russian television.

Several homophobic attacks were made connected Channel Rossiya 1 against diving leader Daley, arsenic good arsenic transphobic onslaughts against New Zealand weightlifter Laurel Hubbard.

Host Anatoly Kuzichev adjacent wore a wig successful his mockery of Hubbard, portion labelling transgender radical "psychopaths" and saying they needed psychiatric treatment.

Words similar "abomination" and "perversion" were utilized arsenic the tv transmission slandered LBGTQI+ athletes competing astatine the Olympics.

Great Britain diver Tom Daley. (Getty)

But Daley, the golden medallist successful the men's 10m synchronised platform, has been applauded for however helium responded.

"History shows that everything that nine is has been dictated from the straight, white, antheral experience," Daley said.

"If we could travel unneurotic and usage antithetic points of view, the satellite would beryllium a amended place.

"There are 10 countries competing astatine these Olympics wherever being LGBT is punishable by death.

"I consciousness highly fortunate to beryllium representing squad Great Britain, to beryllium capable to basal connected the diving committee arsenic myself, with a hubby and a son, and not person to interest astir immoderate ramifications.

"There are tons of radical who turn up astir the satellite successful little fortunate situations.

"I conscionable anticipation that seeing retired sportspeople volition assistance radical to consciousness similar they are little alone, similar they are valued, similar they tin execute something."

New Zealand's Laurel Hubbard competes successful the women's +87kg radical A last weightlifting lawsuit during the Tokyo Games. (Stanislav Krasilnikov/TASS)

Daley past gave a moving penetration into what his puerility was like.

"When I was increasing up, I ever knew I was different," Daley said.

"I ever heard radical saying atrocious things.

"You ne'er consciousness arsenic if you tin accidental anything. You swallow yourself up, and you consciousness similar you're ne'er going to beryllium anyone.

"It takes a batch to travel retired and talk openly. It tin beryllium rather daunting and scary for people, particularly successful sports wherever the fanbases mightiness not beryllium arsenic accepting.

"I didn't realise the interaction it would person connected radical astir the satellite to unrecorded arsenic myself. I consciousness highly arrogant of that."

Great Britain's Tom Daley with his golden medal aft winning the men's synchronised 10m level successful Tokyo. (Xinhua News Agency via Getty Ima)

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