Does your company have a cybersecurity strategy? Is it any good?

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Take this quick, aggregate prime survey and archer america astir your company's cybersecurity strategies for the upcoming year.


October isn't conscionable known for Halloween and pumpkin-spiced beverages. It's besides Cybersecurity Awareness Month. There's nary amended clip than the contiguous to either update oregon larn astir your company's cybersecurity strategy. 

Has COVID-19 affected your organization's cybersecurity plans? What proviso concatenation cybersecurity measures has your institution implemented oregon volition instrumentality successful the adjacent 12 months? We privation to know!

TechRepublic Premium is conducting an online cybersecurity strategy survey to find out.

Take the cybersecurity strategy survey today!
If you are acquainted with your organization's cybersecurity measures we privation to perceive from you. Who is liable for your company's cybersecurity strategy? What caller tactics has your institution added? What modern exertion bash you fearfulness implementing the most, due to the fact that of cybersecurity threats? Are you assured that your institution has a beardown program successful place?
Take the cybersecurity strategy survey and archer us. The survey contains 10-12 aggregate prime questions, and a fewer demographic questions and should instrumentality little than 5 minutes to complete. Responses volition beryllium compiled successful an upcoming report.

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