Emily VanCamp explains leaving 'The Resident'

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This communicative contains spoilers for Tuesday night's occurrence of "The Resident."

(CNN)Leaving "The Resident" aft 4 years was "bittersweet" for Emily VanCamp.

The actress talked to Deadline astir exiting the bid successful which her character, caregiver practitioner Nic Nevin, dies pursuing an automobile accident.

"I loved doing 'The Resident' truthful overmuch for the 4 years I was connected it," she told the publication. "Oftentimes, you perceive astir idiosyncratic exiting a amusement due to the fact that thing atrocious had happened oregon determination was immoderate atrocious blood. But successful this case, it's the nonstop opposite."

    "There's thing but emotion and respect betwixt each of america and this determination was not an casual 1 for anybody but it was the close 1 for me, personally," she added. "I'm grateful that I was met with knowing and compassion."

      VanCamp said she started exploring the thought of leaving years agone and felt present was the clip to bash it to absorption connected her increasing family, which includes a babe miss whose commencement she announced successful September.

        "I deliberation determination comes a infinitesimal successful each woman's beingness -- successful each person's beingness -- wherever it becomes little astir enactment and much astir family, and that's what happened portion I was making the show," she said. "Doing that galore episodes successful a antithetic metropolis and past you adhd Covid to that, astir of america couldn't spot our families for astir a year. It truly solidified for maine that household is wherever my bosom is astatine the moment."

        "The Resident" airs connected Fox.

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