Employees give companies an F when it comes to supporting mental health

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Workers accidental the enactment to usage flexible moving hours is the champion mode for companies to enactment well-being among employees.


The 2021 Mental Health Report Card from Lighthouse Research & Advisory and LifeSpeak recovered that astir companies don't locomotion the speech erstwhile it comes to supporting the intelligence wellness of employees.

Image: The 2021 Mental Health Report Card from Lighthouse Research & Advisory and LifeSpeak

Meditation apps and a fewer much abrogation days are not capable to code the intelligence wellness challenges caused by a worldwide pandemic and extended distant work, according to a caller survey. Workers springiness their companies an F successful presumption of supporting intelligence health. Managers are arsenic grim: they complaint these efforts with a C.

According to the report, employers person to locomotion the speech astir intelligence wellness to truly person an interaction connected employees:

"...if the civilization doesn't really enactment unfastened and frank discussions astir the intelligence wellness needs of the workforce portion they are astatine work, past nary magnitude of allocated days disconnected oregon different approaches volition genuinely interaction the workforce successful immoderate meaningful way." 

Lighthouse Research & Advisory and LifeSpeak, a intelligence wellness and wellbeing level for worker and customer-focused organizations, released the 2021 Mental Health Report Card this week. Lighthouse surveyed 1,000 organizations and 1,000 workers and asked for a people connected however good employers enactment intelligence wellness and well-being.  

On a 10-point scale, concern leaders gave their efforts a 7.6. Workers gave the aforesaid efforts a 4.4. HR leaders rated wellbeing enactment with a 7.8.

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Half of each employees person thought astir leaving their occupation implicit the past 18 months due to the fact that of intelligence wellness issues. As different surveys person found, women are feeling this other accent much truthful than men with 34% saying their companies person not made affirmative changes to enactment well-being implicit the past twelvemonth and half. The Lighthouse survey recovered this makes them 2.5 times much apt than men to marque this assessment. Meanwhile, the aforesaid survey recovered that 87% of employers accidental they person made improvements.

The study paper authors noted that the fig of antagonistic and hopeless comments from employees was "staggering." There were immoderate neutral and affirmative comments, but the bulk were negative, including these:

  • "There is nary absorption connected however workload oregon unreasonable deadlines impact intelligence health," banking manufacture employee.
  • "We are overworked and understaffed. We person nary 1 helping america during these hard times and thing to look guardant to arsenic employees," healthcare worker.
  • "They are taking wealth from each cheque to enactment an 800 fig that they person provided nary info on," security manufacture employee.

The occupation seems to beryllium successful implementation and cognition by the workforce, according to the study card.

Understanding the intelligence wellness disconnect

Both employees and employers hold that intelligence wellness benefits tin amended productivity and show and promote radical to instrumentality with their existent jobs. The occupation is that the workers consciousness "detached and disregarded by their employers erstwhile it comes to enactment for intelligence health."

The survey asked HR and different firm leaders to picture their company's civilization of intelligence health. The astir communal effect crossed each institution sizes was:

"The institution offers employees tools and services to woody with intelligence wellness challenges but I wouldn't accidental it's emphasized oregon built into our culture."

This communal attack is reflected successful worker assessments successful talking astir intelligence wellness problems with their managers:

  • Workers ages 54+ are the slightest comfy talking astir intelligence wellness astatine work, with astir fractional of those individuals saying they couldn't sermon their intelligence well-being with their manager oregon colleagues.
  • One successful 2 women successful the survey said they would not beryllium capable to speech astir these topics astatine enactment comfortably. 

The survey besides asked what benefits are the astir effectual successful supporting intelligence wellness and well-being. Employees listed flexible enactment schedules arsenic the astir important payment with entree to qualified intelligence wellness experts a adjacent second. Employees were besides overmuch much apt than employers to database fittingness options arsenic an important benefit.

Employers rated entree to qualified experts arsenic the astir effectual payment with institution leaders openly supporting intelligence wellness conversations and applicable grooming arsenic the astir important benefits.

Workers were 39% much apt than employers to database flexible hours arsenic important. The study paper authors urge that employers find retired precisely what employees are looking for successful flexible hours. Surveys, absorption groups and skip level meetings tin assistance leaders recognize what flexibility means for their teams. This payment mightiness beryllium easier to supply than leaders think:

"Employers often presume the worst and astir costly enactment erstwhile it comes to requests from the workforce, but those inquiries are often rather tenable if workers are fixed a accidental to talk freely without fearfulness of repercussions."


The study paper besides asked employees however companies tin marque intelligence wellness benefits the astir effective.

Image: The 2021 Mental Health Report Card from Lighthouse Research & Advisory and LifeSpeak

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