End-of-the-year tools for managers

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As 2021 comes to an end, managers indispensable get a jumpstart connected preparing for 2022. These TechRepublic Premium resources tin help.


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The past twelvemonth has been thing abbreviated of a whirlwind, particularly for businesses. Things person changed. Businesses indispensable present enactment to enactment a hybrid workforce, employees are being much selective astir wherever they take to enactment and consumers are demanding that pandemic-era services become the norm.

These caller concern challenges aren't going distant immoderate clip soon. The lone mode to conscionable them head-on is by preparing present for what whitethorn prevarication up successful 2022. For management, end-of-the-year readying is simply a superior and overwhelming task. After all, budgets indispensable beryllium planned, employees indispensable consciousness supported and concern productivity indispensable beryllium ensured.

To assistance you get a leap connected your end-of-the-year planning, we've compiled immoderate of our champion resources, brought to you by TechRepublic Premium. Below, you'll find everything from worker goal-setting proposal to fund readying tools. Here's to a harmless and palmy caller year!

Employee Objectives Policy

According to a caller Gallup survey, 51% of workers are disengaged, wholly unattached to their enactment and employer. And according to PwC, 65% of employees are looking for a amended job. How tin you, arsenic a manager, assistance summation worker morale? Motivating employees by helping them acceptable and execute some concern and idiosyncratic goals is simply a large start.

Defining wide objectives and celebrating with your employees arsenic they win is simply a surefire mode to motivate. With each extremity reached, your employees tin person tangible impervious of their advancement and contributions to your organization.

Our Employee Objectives Policy offers a elemental outline of what whitethorn suffice arsenic acceptable goals and however you tin enactment with your employees to make plans for reaching them. It besides includes a basal tracking worksheet to assistance you papers the objectives assigned to each subordinate of your team.

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Employee Performance Review Policy

Another mode of improving worker occupation restitution is by recognizing erstwhile they implicit large work. According to a recent survey by O.C. Tanner, 37% of respondents stated that much idiosyncratic designation would promote them to nutrient amended enactment much often.

The worker show reappraisal is an fantabulous instrumentality for delivering the designation your employees deserve. Beyond that, it gives you the accidental to perceive to their concerns and supply feedback connected however they could amended their performance.

Unfortunately, galore managers find it hard to present a utile show review. They often acquisition trouble erstwhile defining valuation criteria and keeping way of idiosyncratic worker goals. After all, with galore employees, each with their ain responsibilities, nary 2 reviews tin beryllium the same.

Our Employee Performance Review Policy and the accompanying reappraisal template tin assistance you make just and effectual reappraisal processes that present the designation your employees desire.

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Budget Planning Tool

The uncertainty of COVID-19 continues to interaction however businesses walk their fund dollars, particularly erstwhile it comes to IT. According to TechRepublic's 2022 IT Budget Research Report, 43% of survey respondents volition tighten their budgets due to the fact that of COVID-19.

However, 20% of respondents expect that their organization's fiscal/calendar twelvemonth 2022 IT fund volition beryllium little than $50,000, up 16% from past year. And astir 18% foretell budgets of $1 cardinal to $9.9 million.

Whether you're tightening your department's fund oregon expanding to marque country for aboriginal growth, you request the close tools to program accordingly.

Our Budget Planning Tool includes an Excel template and related usher to assistance you acceptable up your fund template and capable successful the due fields. Plus, the Excel record is wholly customizable to acceptable your needs. Whether you're a seasoned fund readying pro oregon caller to the process, you tin usage this template successfully.

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Vendor Contract Renewal Planner

Vendor declaration renewals tin beryllium an overwhelming undertaking. Not lone bash you request to support way of your vendors, but you besides request to way erstwhile renewals indispensable beryllium paid and however overmuch is spent for due fund planning.

During end-of-the-year planning, it's communal for managers to walk clip assessing vendor contracts, obtaining quotes and completing acquisition orders. Unfortunately, this tin pb to much questions than answers.

When is the champion clip to renew? Should you renew everything astatine the archetypal of the year? Or would it marque much consciousness to dispersed retired your payments implicit the people of a calendar year?

Our Vendor Contract Renewal Planner tin assistance you hammer retired your renewals truthful you'll cognize precisely what's due, however overmuch to wage and erstwhile to wage it. Plus, you tin filter the planner by vendors, the tech progressive oregon the interior unit liable for each product.

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