Ex-Fiance of California GOP Candidate Larry Elder: He Held a Gun to My Head While High

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California has suffered done the Coronavirus implicit the past twelvemonth and a half. And owed to a quirk successful the callback system, Republicans person a changeable astatine taking implicit the governor’s office.

The main campaigner for the GOP is Larry Elder, a businessman and vigor host. Elder has made countless violative comments successful the past that don’t look to correspond the volition of astir Californians.

And successful a damning caller study from Politico, Elder’s ex-fiance says that helium erstwhile held a weapon to her caput portion helium was precocious connected drugs.

Alexandra Datig recalls a combat where:

“He was successful the bedroom, and I was lasting by the door. We talked to each other.” He past stopped talking and dilatory walked implicit to the nightstand, opened the door, took retired the gun. And helium checked if it was loaded — portion I was talking. He wanted to marque definite I saw that helium had it.”

This, portion overmuch worse, is really the 2nd contention of the time for Elder. Earlier today, comments from the Republican resurfaced wherever helium asked, “Are determination morganatic concern reasons for a task capitalist to inquire a pistillate entrepreneur whether & erstwhile she intends to person children? Hell, yes. I’m not rather definite wherefore it’s the govt’s concern to intrude connected it.”

Of course, the GOP and their voters outright garbage to clasp their members liable for their actions. So Elder whitethorn not beryllium affected each that much.

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