Failed GOP Candidate Kim Klacik is Suing Candace Owens For $20 Million

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Last summer, legislature campaigner Kim Klacik released a run video that featured her walking on the streets of Baltimore. The ad, entitled, Black Lives Don’t Matter to Democrats, rapidly went viral successful blimpish circles.

Republicans rapidly promoted the campaigner with Donald Trump sharing her advertisement connected Twitter and saying helium was excited to enactment with her. Klacik rapidly raised implicit $8 cardinal to money her campaign. But she ne'er truly had immoderate existent accidental astatine winning. In fact, she mislaid her predetermination against Kweisi Mfume by 72% points.

In an effort to enactment politically relevant, Klacik ignited a feud with blimpish pundit Candace Owens. Owens came retired guns blazing, claiming that Klacik was a erstwhile stripper and that her foundation enactment was fraudulent. Now, the failed campaigner is suing Owens for $20 million.

Jacob Frenkel, the lawyer for Klacik, said successful a statement, “Baseless quality assassination has nary spot successful governmental dialogue. The suspect chose to usage her immense societal media level to onslaught a respected Baltimore governmental figure; we are utilizing the due forum — the powerfulness of the courts — to respond. The item successful Ms. Klacik’s suit speaks for itself.”


Klacik had besides said successful a caller interrogation with Armstrong Williams, “If [Owens] was the detective that she pretends to be, she would cognize that each of the clubs successful Baltimore City were unopen down owed to the pandemic successful Baltimore. So determination was nary imaginable mode anybody was partying successful a nine oregon capable to launder wealth into a nine that was wholly closed.”

This feud is not bully quality for the GOP. The duo are possibly the 2 astir salient pistillate African American Republicans successful the state today.

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