Fan-Made Half-Life 2 Remastered Collection Is On The Way With Valve's Consent

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Half-Life is an iconic franchise by Valve that changed the look of gaming for the amended erstwhile it was archetypal released. Because of that, this bid has seen galore instrumentality iterations and continuations successful the past, but it looks similar a Half-Life 2 Remastered Collection is successful the works. Before you get excessively excited, this is simply a fan-made task and not an authoritative remaster, but Valve is reportedly wholly chill with it. 

The remastered postulation was spotted by PCGN over on SteamDB and shows a postulation successful the works from modder Filip Victor. While the postulation itself says "not Valve-related," it is reported that the institution has fixed consent for the instrumentality task to propulsion guardant with development. The study that Valve has fixed the greenish airy for this task comes by mode of Tyler McVicker, a idiosyncratic known for reporting connected Valve news. 

Filip Victor, the idiosyncratic down this originative endeavor, is nary alien to furthering the Half-Life legacy. From his past enactment arsenic portion of the Half-Life 2 Update team, which provided important improvements to the 2nd game, it's wide that the passionateness is determination to support this sci-fi satellite alive. With erstwhile enactment with the IP, it volition beryllium absorbing to spot the grade of Half-Life improvements seen with the Remastered Collection. 

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