'Fantasy Island' boards the plane for another reboot

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Roselyn Sanchez is the caller   Roarke successful  Fox's reboot of 'Fantasy Island' (Laura Magruder/FOX).

(CNN)Like "Charlie's Angels," "Fantasy Island" is 1 of those aged Aaron Spelling bid that keeps resurfacing, whether anybody asked for it oregon not. So aft a 1990s reboot and a pretty atrocious fearfulness movie version past year, Fox boards the level erstwhile again with a somewhat updated mentation astir a magical spot wherever dreams are fulfilled and lessons learned.

Frankly, this latest "Island" sojourn would beryllium amended disconnected had HBO not precocious premiered "The White Lotus," a overmuch better, much analyzable look astatine travelers to an land paradise and those who service them.

The astir new-look facet of this "Fantasy Island," by contrast, is that the idiosyncratic greeting the guests is Elena Roarke (Roselyn Sanchez), the large niece of the archetypal white-suited emcee played by Richard Montalban, who notes that stewardship of the land has been successful her household for generations.

    Beyond that, there's a somewhat serialized facet involving 1 of the characters introduced successful the archetypal episode, and a sexual-tension happening happening betwixt Ms. Roarke and Javier (John Gabriel Rodriquez), the handsome aviator who flies implicit the caller guests.

      The look different remains mostly the same, conscionable with much modern flavor, specified arsenic a pistillate who comes to the land facing a terminal illness, and whose flirtation with different pistillate makes her hubby wonderment if she settled by choosing him decades earlier.

      Other storylines consciousness much strained, specified arsenic "Scandal's" Bellamy Young arsenic a TV anchor who has fretted astir her value for years, and comes to the land to indulge successful "guilt-free calories," an due metaphor for this benignant of escapism.

      Of course, there's a spot much to it than that, though the assorted twists inactive consciousness reasonably flimsy -- if not arsenic weightless arsenic successful the '70s -- compared to the modern anthology genre.

      Mostly, "Fantasy Island" reflects the latest effort to currency successful connected vintage intelligence spot with a fewer caller wrinkles, a strategy Fox notably employed astir this clip successful 2019 erstwhile it launched its precise meta revival of "Beverly Hills, 90210," cheekily titled "BH90210."

      After immoderate fanfare that amusement slipped implicit the horizon, which seems similar a harbinger of "Fantasy Island's" fate.

      "What tin the land bash for you?" Elena earnestly asks a caller arrival.

        The amended question mightiness beryllium whether capable viewers are bare for pristine beaches (the amusement filmed successful Puerto Rico) and bland nostalgia to crook what should beryllium a speedy summertime sojourn into, successful TV terms, an extended stay.

        "Fantasy Island" premieres Aug. 10 astatine 9 p.m. ET connected Fox.

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