FIFA 22 Scores Over 9 Million Players, EA Considering Name Change For Franchise

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To astir apt nobody’s surprise, FIFA 22 has been a hit, with 9.1 cardinal players joining the crippled since its motorboat connected October 1. 

This quality comes from an EA press release, arsenic reported by IGN, that besides mentions the institution is looking into changing the sanction of the long-running shot series. EA says the FIFA sanction is abstracted from its different football-related licenses. 

“As we look ahead, we’re besides exploring the thought of renaming our planetary EA Sports shot games,” the property merchandise reads. “This means we’re reviewing our naming rights statement with FIFA, which is abstracted from each our authoritative partnerships and licenses crossed the shot world.” 

Of course, thing could travel of it, but it’s absorbing nevertheless that EA is considering changing the sanction of 1 of its best-selling franchises. However, fans of the FIFA games are apt to travel the franchise, immoderate its sanction mightiness become. 

EA’s different partnerships and licenses successful the shot satellite for its FIFA games see UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, CONMEBOL Libertadores, Premier League, Bundesliga, and LaLiga Santander, and more. 

“Through years of gathering our planetary franchise, we cognize that authenticity is indispensable to the experience,” EA writes successful the property release. “That’s wherefore we absorption truthful overmuch vigor connected the corporate spot of implicit 300 idiosyncratic licenses partners that springiness america entree to 17,000+ athletes crossed 700+ teams, successful 100 stadiums, and implicit 30 leagues astir the world.” 

While EA didn’t interaction connected income numbers specifically successful today’s news, it did notation immoderate stats that bespeak FIFA 22 is connected way to beryllium arsenic palmy arsenic fundamentally each different FIFA crippled released successful years prior. More specifically, since its launch, FIFA 22 has seen “9.1 cardinal players articulation the game, 7.6 cardinal Ultimate Team squads created, and 460 cardinal matches played.” 

For much astir FIFA 22, cheque retired our thoughts connected the crippled successful Game Informer’s FIFA 22 review.

Did you prime up FIFA 22? What bash you deliberation astir EA changing the FIFA marque name? Let america cognize successful the comments below!

[Source: IGN]

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