Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster Is Getting Review-Bombed On Metacritic Over Platform Release

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Another day, different review-bombing. Final Fantasy fans are review-bombing Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster Series implicit the level of prime for the game's release. On Steam, however, the reappraisal scores support a affirmative reception, particularly with changes Valve has made successful caller years to forestall reappraisal bombing from occurring

Ignoring the unusual font choices for this game, the Pixel Remaster bid saw a idiosyncratic standing implicit a measly 0.7 conscionable past night. This morning, that people was capable to mosey connected up to a 3.5 astatine the clip this nonfiction was written. Critic reviews are sitting astatine a steadfast 80 connected Metacritic, with our ain Dan Tack antecedently talking astir however much this remaster is worthy your time

One petulant idiosyncratic writes, "Get the console version, and I'll alteration my assessment," aft scoring the crippled a 0. "Square Enix agelong agone said that each installments listed would beryllium disposable connected consoles; we fans request this minimum." Another mediocre scorer said, "We privation to beryllium capable to play these games connected consoles. Classic games specified arsenic Final Fantasy should not beryllium gated down mobile phones and computers." 

Review bombing is an enactment of protestation that gamers person adapted done the years, though the existent signifier has go overmuch much communal successful caller months. Many games person fallen unfortunate to this practice, whether it beryllium a clash successful ideals, quality surrounding workplace culture, oregon sometimes thing arsenic elemental arsenic the originative prime that a workplace takes being perceived arsenic "social justice." 

Regardless, it looks similar immoderate affirmative idiosyncratic reviews are starting to travel successful talking astir the OST and the gameplay acquisition arsenic a whole. As much and much reappraisal the title, including those that really play the game, this people should spell adjacent much passim the day. In the meantime, you tin larn much astir the remaster with our erstwhile sum here

Comments whitethorn beryllium showing up disabled, that is simply a tract update happening connected our side, but we anticipation to person them backmost up and moving soon! 

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