Ford's new BlueCruise hands-off driving feature is a solid first effort

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The Ford F-150 and Chevrolet Silverado are gaining the latest driver-assist tech for the 2022 exemplary year. Here's which 1 has the champion features (for now).

Ford BlueCruise successful  a F-150 pickup truck

Ford's BlueCruise diagnostic allows the operator to ticker the roadworthy portion the car steers.

Image: Ford Motor Company

The property of the self-driving car is inactive a fewer years away, but acknowledgment to the efforts of Ford and General Motors — companies not usually considered to beryllium cutting-edge technological powerhouses — the property of the hands-free operator begins successful 2022. That's due to the fact that the Ford F-150 and Chevrolet Silverado pickup trucks, which are 2 of the astir fashionable vehicles successful America, are some gaining the latest driver-assist tech for the 2022 exemplary year.

I've driven them both, truthful here's the rundown.

BlueCruise is Ford's version, and I got the accidental to trial an almost-final merchandise earlier this week successful Los Angeles. The 405 freeway is the worst situation imaginable for a strategy that promises to grip velocity and steering portion the operator supervises, but BlueCruise worked arsenic advertised.

When activated, BlueCruise handles steering portion the adaptive cruise power strategy maintains your speed. Using radar sensors successful the beforehand grille and connected each 4 corners of the car and a azygous wide-angle camera mounted precocious connected the windshield, the conveyance tin get a real-time presumption of the satellite astir it.

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A road is really a beauteous affable spot for an precocious driver-assist strategy similar BlueCruise: All the cars are going the aforesaid absorption (probably) and determination isn't immoderate cross-traffic (probably) and the lane lines are well-marked (probably). Assuming each those things are true, it's not excessively hard for a car to support the due velocity and support itself successful its lane.

Ford's BlueCruise successful  the Mustang Mach-E

Ford's BlueCruise volition beryllium disposable successful the Mustang Mach-E (pictured here) and the F-150 pickup.

Image: Ford Motor Company

And it works! I pulled a 2021 Ford F-150 onto the 405 and acceptable the cruise control. Until now, this has been modular fare for the F-150 and the adaptive cruise maintained velocity and kept maine from moving into the car successful beforehand of me.

Behind the scenes, a batch indispensable hap earlier BlueCruise turns on:

  • First, the car checks its existent GPS determination against a representation of known "Blue Zones" to verify that it's harmless to activate. If you aren't connected a limited-access divided highway, for example, it won't crook on.
  • Once that's taken attraction of, the car checks to spot if my hands are connected the instrumentality and that I'm watching the road.

  • If each of the supra is true, BlueCruise begins utilizing the onboard camera to verify that the car is presently adjacent the halfway of the lane.

Then, with a superb bluish animation connected the in-dash display, BlueCruise takes over, with maine inactive overseeing proceedings.

Ford BlueCruise activating connected  an F-150 dashboard.

The animation connected the Ford F-150 dashboard erstwhile BlueCruise activates.

Image: Ford Motor Company

It's conscionable arsenic important to cognize what BlueCruise is not arsenic it is to cognize what it is.

Ford calls it a Level 2 precocious driver-assist feature, meaning it combines 2 operator assistants into 1 much precocious system: In this case, it combines an adaptive cruise with an precocious lane centering technology. In different words, the car steers itself portion you supervise.

To guarantee that you are paying attention, Ford has installed a operator monitoring camera that tracks some wherever your eyes are looking and wherever your caput is pointing. Look distant for excessively agelong — say, down astatine your telephone oregon astatine your kids successful the backseat — and the strategy starts with a informing earlier turning disconnected wholly if you don't behave.

But if you support a relaxed oculus connected the road, the strategy volition happily support you centered successful your lane. I've utilized akin tech connected agelong roadworthy trips successful the past, and it importantly reduces the accent of agelong journeys.

Using BlueCruise, I tin archer that it's a first-generation system. Though Ford is emphasizing the 500,000 miles of improvement investigating that was performed, including a 110,000-mile "Mother of All Road Trips" to beryllium retired the system, BlueCruise is inactive successful its infancy.

It keeps the conveyance successful the halfway of the lane, but with a small excessively overmuch urgency. It's not a information issue, but to a operator unfamiliar with what's going on, the steering movements are a small excessively predominant and a small excessively jerky. I tin archer that the machine is moving really hard to support the car centered astatine each times — I compared it a 16-year aged operator who was inactive learning the ropes and wasn't rather assured successful their abilities, making frequent, jerky input adjustments arsenic they thrust on alternatively than smoother, much practiced inputs that an experienced operator would make.

It isn't indispensable to always beryllium centered precisely successful the lane, aft each — an experienced operator knows that drifting a fewer inches to the near oregon close is normal. I said to the Ford engineers that astir radical astir apt wouldn't announcement the tiny steering inputs, but they mightiness suffer assurance successful the strategy due to the fact that of it, adjacent if they couldn't rather enactment their digit connected why. Future releases volition amended connected it, I'm sure.

BlueCruise besides isn't (yet) alert of thing going connected to the broadside oregon down the vehicle. At 1 constituent successful my trial thrust connected the 405 — which is traffic-filled with constrictive lanes — a semi-truck successful the adjacent lane began crossing implicit the lane enactment from the right. I saw the determination successful advancement and, though the motortruck astir apt wasn't going to deed us, it was getting alarmingly close. BlueCruise didn't pass maine of impending disaster, nor did it effort to borderline distant from the truck.

I asked Ford engineers astir this, and they reiterated that the operator was yet liable for the cognition of the conveyance astatine each times but admitted that BlueCruise would not presently set its presumption successful the lane based connected vehicles coming successful from the sides. Now, this is thing that tin beryllium added successful the future. It's apt that the vehicle's side-facing radar could observe the truck, but it was simply not programmed to respond to it.

Other systems, including those from Mercedes and General Motors' Super Cruise, would person moved our conveyance distant from the motortruck by a fewer inches to effort to debar a imaginable collision — but adjacent those systems would ne'er transverse implicit the different lane enactment to determination away. It would beryllium up to the operator to marque immoderate changes truthful drastic arsenic that.

General Motors spokesperson Patrick Sullivan told maine that the latest mentation of Super Cruise, which debuts aboriginal this year, has "a dynamic offset diagnostic that tin consciousness the encroaching conveyance and determination a tiny magnitude wrong the lane for improved operator comfortableness for mild encroachments" but lone "within your lane."

BlueCruise besides lone uses the imaginativeness camera to find its presumption successful the lane, portion Super Cruise besides uses the car's "high precision GPS" (as good arsenic its onboard camera) to spot the conveyance successful the lane.

It's besides important to enactment that I person nary concerns astir the information of BlueCruise. Still, Super Cruise is simply a much mature merchandise and includes a fistful of further features that are important for buyers to beryllium alert of. Ford told maine that BlueCruise would person aggregate diagnostic and iterative improvements each year.

Ford Blue Zones Map

A representation of "Blue Zones" wherever Ford's BlueCruise volition work.

Image: Ford Motor Company

BlueCruise works connected astir 130,000 miles of divided road successful the US and Canada, with conscionable astir each of the interstate road strategy supported and a batch of authorities highways. It'll marque its nationalist debut successful the adjacent fewer months, archetypal successful 2022 Ford F-150 and Mustang Mach-E models and past decently equipped 2021 F-150 and Mach-E vehicles arsenic an over-the-air update.

On the F-150, buyers volition request to adhd the Ford Co-Pilot 360 Active 2.0 bundle (standard connected the F-150 Limited and disposable for $1,595 connected Lariat, King Ranch and Platinum).

The Mustang Mach-E electrical car includes BlueCruise modular connected the California Route 1, Premium and First Edition trims, and it's disposable arsenic a $3,200 enactment connected the Select Trim (which besides adds a 360-degree camera, heated beforehand seats and a heated steering wheel).

The packages successful some cars see the hardware and 3 years of over-the-air bundle updates to support the strategy moving and caller capabilities coming. Keeping the work aft 3 years volition outgo more, but Ford has said the subscription would travel the VIN of the car — that means if you merchantability your BlueCruise-equipped Mach E aft 2 years, the purchaser volition inactive get the 3rd twelvemonth of BlueCruise.

Pricing for the strategy aft the 3rd twelvemonth was not shared, but Ford has mentioned respective BlueCruise features that volition beryllium coming successful the future:

  • Lane Change Assist volition person the conveyance alteration lanes itself aft the operator uses the crook awesome to initiate the change.

  • Predictive Speed Assist volition let the car to automatically dilatory for curves successful the road, roundabouts and more.

  • Thousands of miles of caller BlueCruise-approved roadways and updates to the strategy arsenic roads alteration implicit time.

The BlueCruise technology

An illustration of the Ford BlueCruise technology.

Image: Ford Motor Company

Ford says that it expects to merchantability much than 100,000 BlueCruise equipped vehicles successful its archetypal twelvemonth of availability. Curiously for a car institution property release, Ford specifically mentioned a fewer competitors by sanction erstwhile talking astir BlueCruise.

It compared the tech to Tesla's Autopilot but added that BlueCruise had "the vantage of offering a existent hands-free driving acquisition portion successful Hands-Free Mode that does not necessitate a driver's hands to enactment successful interaction with the steering instrumentality unless prompted by conveyance alerts."

It besides mentioned GM's Super Cruise, which uses a reddish oregon greenish airy portion connected apical of the steering instrumentality to pass the operator of the system's existent status. Ford noted that BlueCruise uses the substance and bluish lighting cues successful the instrumentality clump to pass with the driver, making the strategy "effective adjacent for those with colour blindness."

Sullivan, the GM spokesperson, noted to maine that the Super Cruise airy barroom besides blinks astatine antithetic frequencies depending connected the colour and connection being sent: "Green is solid, bluish is simply a dilatory pulse, and reddish is simply a quicker blink." Green means the strategy is successful operation, bluish means the operator has taken power momentarily to alteration lanes, portion reddish means the strategy is deactivating, and the operator indispensable resume power immediately.

One happening that Super Cruise does that Ford doesn't is to springiness audible cues that the strategy is activating oregon deactivating. Ford's strategy lone provides audible tones erstwhile the operator needs to instrumentality implicit unexpectedly oregon erstwhile the operator looks distant for excessively long.

In summation to those 2 examples, Super Cruise besides makes an audible code erstwhile the strategy is archetypal engaging oregon erstwhile disengaging owed to idiosyncratic input (like touching the brake pedal oregon turning disconnected Super Cruise with a fastener connected the steering wheel). It's casual to tell, some from the ocular cues and from the auditory ones, what is going on.

Ford seemed funny successful this peculiar spot of feedback from me, and I got the feeling that they mightiness research this imaginable diagnostic more.

BlueCruise should marque its nationalist debut successful the adjacent fewer months, and I'll beryllium investigating it overmuch much erstwhile it does.

A camouflaged GMC Sierra pickup truck

A preproduction 2022 GMC Sierra investigating Super Cruise portion towing.

Image: GMC

As for Super Cruise, the Chevy Silverado (and its firm brethren, the GMC Sierra) is gaining a new, updated mentation for 2022. Super Cruise has been astir for a fewer years but lone successful a fistful of Cadillac models, including the 2021 Escalade (which volition beryllium getting this update implicit the aerial aboriginal this year).

The caller mentation of Super Cruise adds to the system's already awesome diagnostic set, with the summation of Super Cruise portion towing and afloat automatic lane changes. The erstwhile is casual to understand, portion the second is fascinating and exciting.

In a controlled objection connected the 4.5-mile circular trial way astatine GM's Milford Proving Ground, I got to trial retired the caller Super Cruise successful a near-final but pre-production GMC Sierra pickup truck. As promised, the strategy would accelerate to the acceptable velocity portion keeping america centered successful our lane without maine putting my hands connected the instrumentality — I conscionable had to support my eyes connected the roadworthy because, arsenic with Ford's BlueCruise, cameras were watching to marque definite I was paying attention.

But erstwhile a conveyance was going beneath our acceptable velocity successful our lane, the motortruck utilized its long-range rear-facing radar to find if the passing lane was clear. Then — with perfectly nary input from maine — the motortruck signaled, changed lanes, and past passed the slower conveyance successful beforehand of us. With that complete, it signaled again and moved backmost implicit to the archetypal lane.

Now, Tesla has offered akin capabilities with AutoPilot for a while, but it's peculiarly awesome to spot this benignant of driver-assist tech coming from the bequest automakers. And much excitingly, it's coming successful the best-selling vehicles successful the country. Millions of radical person ne'er seen Tesla Autopilot successful the existent satellite and millions much who would ne'er see buying one.

With BlueCruise and Super Cruise coming to the country's best-selling vehicles for 2022, it's opening up a full caller assemblage to these cutting-edge systems. And, considering however acold immoderate pickup motortruck owners thrust regularly, they mightiness beryllium the champion trial lawsuit yet for these almost-but-not-quite self-driving vehicles.

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