Frightening waves cause insane surfing wipeout

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A brace of monster waves successful Portugal person seen a surfer and his spouse wiped retired disconnected a jet-ski successful frightening scenes.

The incidental occurred astatine the Nazaré Tow Surfing Challenge erstwhile Hawaiian surfer Kai Lenny was attempting to thrust a monster question and got taken out, earlier his spouse Lucas Chianca came to the rescue connected a jet-ski.

After picking up Kenny, Chianca attempted to get backmost to the enactment successful a hurry, lone to beryllium wiped retired by a secondary question adjacent to the cliff.

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Kenny and Chianca were wiped retired successful frightening scenes adjacent to a cliff (YouTube)

"I'll archer you what, if you're getting velocity wobbles undoing Kai Lenny, you cognize there's immoderate powerfulness there," the commentator covering the lawsuit said aft the wipeout.

"That's not a large spot to be. You speech astir their experience, but this spot is nary joke."

Eventually a 2nd jet-ski arrived connected the country to prime up the brace and escorted them to safety.

Nazare is considered 1 of the biggest breaks successful the satellite and arguably the scariest spot to vie connected the World Surfing Tour.

The wiped-out brace really went connected to triumph the event.

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