Ghost Of Tsushima: Legends Gets A Standalone Release, New Rivals Mode Coming Soon

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Ghost of Tsushima is the acquisition that keeps connected giving to fans of the samurai game. After wrapping up the archetypal communicative of Jin and his trials, Sucker Punch Productions continued connected this adventurous way with Legends. Legends included adjacent much to do, including squading up with friends for a multiplayer acquisition that took the Tsushima travel into the realm of the supernatural. For those that person not dived into what Legends has to offer, the workplace has announced that a standalone merchandise is connected the horizon, arsenic good arsenic the revelation that a caller mode is coming soon. 

With the Director's Cut of the crippled acceptable to merchandise successful the adjacent 2 weeks, Sucker Punch wanted to springiness adjacent amended quality for those itching for much samurai goodness. Legends volition let gamers to articulation successful connected raid adventures without owning the basal crippled itself oregon the Director's Cut. The Legends cookware is adjacent sweeter with the accomplishment of a caller mode called Rivals, which volition beryllium dropping connected September 3, and volition pit 2 teams of 2 against 1 different successful the combat against hordes of enemies. The nonsubjective is to decision each enemies and cod Magatama. Magatama tin beryllium utilized to wounded the different team, which provides a limb up connected the contention for which squad tin execute the best. 

Players volition beryllium capable to usage the worldly known arsenic Magatama to usage Shades to artifact the force squad from being capable to acquisition thing connected their side. It tin besides beryllium utilized for curses that tin inhibit the different team, similar a wellness drain effect and exploding bodies. When capable Magatama is spent, teams tin past unlock the Final Stand waves, the past lawsuit that volition find which squad wins. 

In summation to the caller Rivals mode, Sucker Punch is besides releasing the Gear Mastery system, a caller enlargement of the existent progression strategy successful Legends and the rewards players tin earn. "Players who’ve earned 110-level cogwheel volition present beryllium capable to hindrance it to a people and activate Mastery Challenges," says elder crippled decorator Darren Bridges via a caller PlayStation Blog post. "This volition let a portion of gear’s Ki level to beryllium upgraded to 120 and yet unlock a 2nd perk slot! As you activate Mastery Challenges, you tin besides unlock a caller Ability and caller Techniques for each class."

When the Director's Cut arrives connected August 20, determination volition besides beryllium a caller update that volition present caller features based connected subordinate feedback. These changes see rebalancing Survival mode to shorten league length, caller play Survival Nightmare situation variants, and much cosmetic items to unlock. 

The champion part? All of this is escaped for those that already ain Ghost of Tsushima. The standalone merchandise of Legends volition travel successful useful for those who are lone funny successful the multiplayer component. Legends by itself retails for $19.99 connected some PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 systems. The Director's Cut volition beryllium disposable for $40.  To larn more, cheque retired the afloat blog station here as good arsenic our dedicated crippled hub for each things Ghost of Tsushima! 

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