Giants star's AFL ban doubled for umpire bump

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GWS Giants superstar Toby Greene has had his three-week AFL suspension accrued to six weeks aft an appeals hearing.

The electrical tiny guardant was suspended for making intentional interaction with umpire Matt Stevic successful an enactment the AFL described arsenic "aggressive, disrespectful and demonstrative".

He was initially banned for 3 games but the governing assemblage labelled that "manifestly inadequate" and appealed the decision.

This day the appeals tribunal agreed, doubling the punishment to reason a proceeding that lasted 4 hours.

Greene already missed the Giants' semi-final nonaccomplishment to Geelong, and volition present miss the opening 5 games of adjacent season.

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Toby Greene of the Giants. (AFL Photos via Getty Images)

"As we said astatine the time, arsenic a nine we support that umpires are sacrosanct. We recognize the important relation they play successful our crippled and they are to beryllium respected astatine each times," GWS footballer manager Jason McCartney said connected Thursday.

"Toby apologised for his actions. He is remorseful for the incidental that occurred and understands the work helium has to umpires specifically, and the crippled much broadly.

"We judge the suspension and see the substance finalised."

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Appeals president Murray Kellam had a beardown connection for footballers.

"Intentional interaction with umpires volition not beryllium tolerated," helium said erstwhile handing down the sentence.

"Umpies astatine each levels person to cognize they tin transportation retired their captious relation with confidence.

"Respect for umpires is astatine the bosom of the game. This is simply a connection that goes further than AFL players… a connection to the Australian shot assemblage arsenic a whole."

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