Good News, Skyrim Is Re-Releasing For The Millionth Time With Skyrim Anniversary Edition

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QuakeCon 2021 is going connected present and the yearly showcase kicked disconnected with a pleasant Quake remaster announcement and a plethora of intriguing panels to perceive successful on. It besides came with the confirmation that Skyrim is re-releasing again for the billionth time, conscionable successful lawsuit anyone forgot it existed. 

For a speedy timeline, Skyrim, the 5th introduction successful the beloved Elder Scrolls franchise, archetypal launched backmost connected November 11, 2011, and instantly became a monolithic hit. So overmuch truthful that Bethesda re-released it. And past released it again. And past again. The workplace adjacent released it connected Alexa, the AI robot of our dreams, arsenic a gag response to each of the memes astir however overmuch emotion Skyrim gets. Fast guardant to 2021. Where — you guessed it — Skyrim is coming backmost again, this clip with next-gen upgrades for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. Oh, and fishing. Skyrim is yet getting fishing. 

Because this is called the Anniversary Edition, the latest re-release volition beryllium dropping connected November 11 aboriginal this year, 10 years post-launch. 

As overmuch arsenic I'm joking astir Skyrim's latest launch, it's casual to see why Bethesda keeps doing this. For starters, it's a currency cow. While Morrowind continues to beryllium my favourite successful the Elder Scrolls franchise, Skyrim was an instant cult classic. Players loved becoming Dragonborn and Bethesda loved giving that acquisition implicit and implicit again. Pair that with Skyrim being 1 of the largest homes to the modding community, and it's casual to spot wherefore the assemblage for this is live and well. With the sixth Elder Scrolls crippled coming down the pipeline, this is an absorbing mode for newcomers to dive successful for the archetypal time, and for others to warrant their backlog for different playthrough. 

Yes, that was a self-dunk, convey you.

For those looking for what other Bethesda has successful store, you tin besides cheque out the afloat QuakeCon docket here to larn what different panels and reveals are connected the way. 

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